Exclusive New Pro Training and Last Chance Savings | Greyscalegorilla Plus

October 18, 2019 - By 

Here is your Fall 2019 Greyscalegorilla Plus update, featuring all the new training and downloads that members can access now and in the coming months.

When Greyscalegorilla Plus was first conceived, the goal was to bring you all of Greyscalegorilla’s industry-leading professional training series in one place at one low price. Starting with the Guides to Cinema 4D, Redshift, X-Particles, and other pro training series, Greyscalegorilla Plus quickly became a platform where we could give members so much more.

Today, not only can you stream the training guides and exclusive new training series, members also get access to our popular drag-and-drop material collections. All of our material collections will be in Greyscalegorilla Plus before the end of the year, and even more assets and downloads are on the way.

Greyscalegorilla Plus: Exclusive New Training and Last Chance Savings - Featured

Render via Zachary Corzine’s Procedural Systems.

Greyscalegorilla Plus is growing at a rapid pace, and things are not slowing down anytime soon. The team just introduced new Head of Plus, Todd Blankenship, who will oversee the release of new training series, downloads, and more.

He has already put together a new quick overview of Greyscalegorilla Plus so he can introduce himself and show you what’s already inside.

Take of tour of Greyscalegorilla Plus by clicking here to checkout the lesson previews

Join before October 31st, and you will get over $1500 in pro training and product downloads for only $348. That’s just $29 a month. The price goes up on November 1st, so don’t miss out. Head over to the Greyscalegorilla Plus page to join, and use discount code NEW2PLUS at checkout to save $120.

Curious to know what is coming to Greyscalegorilla Plus? Let’s dive into a few of the Fall 2019 releases Read More


PC Problems + Major Upcoming Releases

October 15, 2019 - By 

Who do you call when you have a problem with your PC? Plus we talk about some incredible title work, Arnold updates, and the new training coming to Greyscalegorilla Plus.

In this podcast, Nick updates us on issues with his PC and the troubles figuring out the problem, you’ll meet the newest Greyscalegorilla team member, and check out these stunning animated titles and brand manifestos. Get the latest on all the new things coming to Greyscalegorilla Plus, and where things are heading.

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Welcome Todd Blankenship, Head of Greyscalegorilla Plus

October 15, 2019 - By 

The Greyscalegorilla team continues to grow with our newest team member, Todd Blankenship.

Welcome Todd Blankenship, Head of Greyscalegorilla Plus

Todd Blankenship joins us as the Head of Greyscalegorilla Plus. He will be leading our professional training efforts, producing new lessons and series, and even teaching members some tips and tricks he has learned over the years.

Todd has worked with Greyscalegorilla in the past, creating our 4K dust elements, shooting Area Light Maps HDRI, and even cutting trailers like the one for the Modern Surface Material Collection.

He has hit the ground running, already having produced a new preview of what’s inside Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Take of tour of Greyscalegorilla Plus by clicking here to checkout the lesson previews

He has quite the history cutting hundreds of trailers for movies, television shows, and web series. Read More


Making The Lonely Island’s Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

October 1, 2019 - By 

How production studio Lord Danger helped The Lonely Island realize their crazy Netflix visual poem tribute to ‘80s baseball.

Comedy Trio, The Lonely Island—Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone—met in junior high and have been collaborating on creative projects for years. After a longtime stint with Saturday Night Live, the troupe has lately become known for producing their own viral videos and studio albums.

Among their recent releases is a Netflix comedy special called The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. Billed as a “visual poem,” the half-hour mockumentary features Samberg and Schaffer as 1980’s baseball legends Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire (a.k.a. the Bash Brothers). The storyline imagines what their rap album and accompanying videos might have been like if they had really captured their experiences chasing the ladies, taking steroids, working out, being rich, and occasionally pondering questions of love and the meaning of life and fame.

For “IHOP Parking Lot” freelance artist Josh Johnson used a modified TurboSquid model, the Everyday Material Collection, C4D and Octane to create a Back to the Future-like car scene.

Mike Diva (Dahlquist), of the LA-based production company, Lord Danger, teamed up with Lonely Island’s Akiva Schaffer to co-direct the special. Diva also assembled and led Lord Danger’s team of global freelancers who worked on the show from concepting to completion over four months using a combination of Cinema 4D, After Effects, Blender, and Nuke. Read More


7 Easy Ways to Change a Textures Color by Tweaking Bitmap Materials

September 27, 2019 - By 

Here are seven quick ways you can change a textures color in Redshift, Arnold, or Octane renderers.

In this tutorial, Chad Ashley will show you seven quick and easy ways to tweak bitmap materials. From color correct nodes to ramps, you’re sure to find a quick way to change a materials color.

These tips work in Redshift, Arnold, and Octane on bitmap materials like the ones in the Everyday Material Collection or Modern Surface Material Collection.

Let’s dive in.

Tutorial Breakdown

So the easiest way to tweak the color of a bitmap based material is probably going to be through the actual base color, the texture itself.

In our case we’re using Redshift, but you should be able to follow along with just about any renderer that supports these sorts of workflows. So I’ve got, one of the materials from the Modern Surface Material Collection by Greyscalegorilla. Read More


Making John Wick and Horror Feature Film Titles in a Basement

September 18, 2019 - By 

Making action-packed 3D titles for films like John Wick Chapter 3, freelance artist Amador Valenzuela tells us about working on movies in his Illinois basement.

Amador Valenzuela has worked on feature film titles, commercials, animated brand assets, experiential displays, and much more. He has helped create opening titles for films like John Wick 2 and 3, as well as a collaborating on a multitude of other films and series like Furious 7, The Haunting of Hill House, and Insidious.

He is a frequent collaborator with the incredible Filmograph studio in Los Angeles. With the Filmograph team he has both designed and animated title sequences, and he dives into his process with Chad Ashley.

So let’s listen to Chad Ashley and Amador Valenzuela talk about their relationship, learning Cinema 4D, balancing big-name projects and little-known projects, and creating feature film titles.

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Guest – Amador Valenzuela, Black Book Studio Read More


Freelancing and Teaching Cinema 4D R21 — Interview with Andy Needham

September 9, 2019 - By 

In this interview, Nick calls up fellow 3D educator Andy Needham to talk about his career, teaching 3D, and learning Cinema 4D R21.

In this episode, Nick Campbell and Andy Needham talk about many of the new features in Cinema 4D R21, working as a freelance 3D artist, and teaching motion design.

You can find Andy’s new series, Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to Cinema 4D R21, streaming now on Greyscalegorilla Plus. For a walkthrough of R21, you can also stream a new tutorial with Nick and Andy here.

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The Best New Features Inside Cinema 4D R21

September 6, 2019 - By 

Get to know all the best new features in the latest Cinema 4D release 21 in this tutorial.

In this tutorial, Nick calls up Andy Needham to walk him through the new features in Cinema 4D R21. Learn about the new user interface, Field Force, caps and bevels, and so much more.

The Best New Features Inside Cinema 4D R21 - Particles

Cinema 4D R21 features covered: Read More


Cinema 4D R21 Features, Disney Plus, and Upcoming Events

August 27, 2019 - By 

The new features in C4D R21 that the team has been excited to play with, upcoming meetups and events, and Disney takes over streaming.

In this podcast episode, the team talks about exciting new Cinema 4D R21 features, upcoming events the team will be attending in the US and Canada, cord-cutting, and all the big Disney Plus announcements.

For more about the 3D Design + Motion Tour, and to get 25% off or you tickets, check out this post or visit and enter code GSG3DMT

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The 3D Design + Motion Tour is Coming to a City Near You (Get 25% Off)

August 27, 2019 - By 

Join fellow 3D artists and motion designers around the world at the 3D Design + Motion Tour. Save 25% on your ticket price with this special offer code.

Maxon has teamed up with AdobeNvidiaDell, Perception, Greyscalegorilla, and Pixel Plow to bring you an epic tour unlike any other motion design event. 26 major cities with dozens of speakers, special guests, and software for you to take home.

3D Design + Motion Tour

The 3D Design + Motion Tour runs September 4 – December 10, 2019 in 26 different cities around the world.

The 3D Design + Motion Tour is Coming to a City Near You (Get 25% Off) - Sponsors

Attendees can expect to see presenters and guest panels featuring motion design and VFX artists like Andrew Kramer, Nick Campbell, EJ Hassenfratz, Chris Schmidt, and many more! Read More


Bumping the Lamp — Creative Problem Solving

August 21, 2019 - By 

Inspired by the legacy of Richard Williams, you’ll learn about the “bumping the lamp” mantra that still inspires animators to this day. Also, listen to the importance of creative problem solving during production, and how to manage client expectations.

In episode number 109, the team talks about “Bumping the Lamp”, a phrase coined during the production of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. See how the incredible attention to detail inspired animators to create their best possible work. You will also hear about the passing of legendary animator Richard Williams, problem solving during production, and how to best explain challenges to clients or creative directors.

Let’s tune in now.

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The 3D Artist’s Toolbox Grows as Software Becomes More Affordable

August 15, 2019 - By 

From compositing to post-production, there are many tools you are expected to know in addition to Cinema 4D.

Today’s 3D artists and motion designers are constantly learning new software to add to their toolbox. With lowering software costs, there is so much more to learn.

In this episode the team talks about software news like Autodesk’s indie licenses and the release of Blender 2.8. They also discuss all the other tools artists are expected to know in addition to Cinema 4D.

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