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A Complete List Of Everything Included With Your Plus Membership

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  • Guide to Cinema 4D R21$299
  • Guide to Cinema 4D R20$299
  • C4D S22 New Features$199
  • Guide To Redshift$299
  • Guide to Arnold$299
  • Getting Started With Octane$199
  • Intro To Houdini$199
  • Guide To X-Particles$299
  • Procedural Systems$299
  • AskGSG Season 1$99
  • AskGSG Season 2$99
  • AskGSG Season 3$99
  • AskGSG Season 4$99
  • Intro To Character Rigging $199
  • Animation Fundamentals Training$299
  • Quick Tips – Training$199
  • Aces Color Correction Training$99
  • Product Visualization Training$199
  • Intro To Cinema 4D Training $99
  • Greyscalegorilla Classics$299
  • Training If Purchased Seperately$4,180.00

Plugins Included with Plus

  • Signal$149
  • GorillaCam$149
  • Plugins If Purchased Separately$298

Materials Also Included In Plus

Yep, there's more...
  • Everyday Material Collection$249
  • Modern Surface Material Collection$199
  • Texture Kit Pro$99
  • Gorilla Grade LUTs$99
  • 3D Dust Particulate$99
  • 4K Dust Elements$99
  • Materials If Purchased Seperately$844.00

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