Cinema 4d + Houdini Trainer

We are looking for a talented freelance MAXON Cinema 4D and SideFX Houdini artist wanting to collaborate on a project with a small team.

This person is self motivated, with the ability to multitask while remaining organized and on schedule.

We’re not looking for 3D rockstars or design ninjas, just genuinely good people.


  • Minimum 5-years experience
  • Expert-knowledge of Cinema 4D
  • Professional working knowledge of Houdini
  • Experience working with Alembic files and round-tripping projects
  • Knowledge of best rendering practices
  • Past experience in creating video tutorials (writing, recording, and editing)
  • Self motivated
  • Organized with an efficient workflow
  • Knowledge of texturing and working with PBR materials
  • Knowledge of lighting and HDRI workflows
  • Understanding of design principles, color theory, and typography
  • Positive personality with a passion for creative design


Applicants are expected to have experience creating projects in Cinema 4D and Houdini. You must be able to explain complex concepts in an approachable way. Priority is given to artists with experience in education or video tutorials.

You must be familiar with Alembic files, VDB, and round-tripping projects between C4D and Houdini.

Project Specifics

This is a project based deadline oriented position based on your own scheduling. You will report to a Creative Director throughout the entire process.

Based on skill level, this contract is estimated to last between 4 and 12 weeks.

Cinema 4D + Houdini Artist

Greyscalegorilla Job Application

Thank you

Thank your for your application. Greyscalegorilla is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Should your experience fit our needs, a representative will reach out to you shortly.