Partners & Resources

We here at Greyscalegorilla care about the brands we use and partner with. They often are responsible for helping us do our jobs better and in turn service you more efficiently. That’s why this page exists. We like to give a sort of shout out to products and partners we believe in.  We have them broken down into two categories; Partners and Resources. A partner is a company that Greyscalegorilla has an ongoing relationship with whether it be marketing or otherwise, these are companies we stand behind and sincerely like. A resource is not too different but can be just about anything we think is useful to the Motion Designer. This list is always changing and growing. We hope you find all of it useful.

What is a Greyscalegorilla Resource?

Simple. These are products, services, and things we love and we want you to love them too. This list is awesome if you are new to 3D and are wondering what the team uses for hardware, what our favorite plugins are, or what our latest coffee brand obsession is.


3D Model Resources

After Effects Resources

What is a Greyscalegorilla Partner?

We believe in sharing products and services that we have tested or used ourselves and find them to be outstanding in their category. Many times we come across companies, products, or services that share our common belief in simple, powerful tools for production and want our customers to know about them. We fully test and vet all of our affiliates to make sure their tools add value, are high-quality, and are run by companies who care about the motion designer.


Cloud Rendering – Pixel Plow

Pixel Plow is a cloud rendering service that is based in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been watching them for some time and have continuously been impressed with their service in both terms of speed and cost efficiency.

Why we endorse Pixel Plow:

Hardware – AVA Direct

AVA Direct is a custom PC company based in Ohio. They are dedicated to creating high-end custom PC’s with top-notch components. They also have an amazing team that will help you throughout your purchase process. Our favorite part is that you always get a real human and never talk to a robot. Mention Greyscalegorilla and ask for Joe Mundy, you may just get a discount!

Music –

Nearly every Greyscalegorilla video has some music from We’ve been using this AMAZING music service since it’s launch in 2016. They have a very unique subscription model that we are sure will catch on. They also have some of the best licensable music we’ve heard. Check them out anytime you need music on your next piece.