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What is Greyscalegorilla Plus?

Greyscalegorilla Plus is a subscription training platform with a growing library of in-depth series, created and curated for artists to stay up to date with popular 3D software and design techniques.

Learn 3D from Professional Artists

Working professional 3D artists and motion designers guide you through popular software and projects. Learn real techniques and tricks used everyday in studio environments. 

Learn from designers and artists who work with major brands like these.

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What Will You Learn?

A Greyscalegorilla Plus membership grants you access to all existing highly-reviewed Greyscalegorilla training series. Plus you can stream all-new series and projects upon their release. Here are just a few courses available for you to start with.

Stream In-Depth Training Guides

Follow along with the industry-leading Greyscalegorilla guides. Dive deep into must know 3D and motion design tools, and stay up to date on new releases. 

Regularly $299 each.

Pickup New Skills with Sessions

Study the basics, brush up on fundamentals, and learn new skills with these session based series.

Project Based Curriculum

Apply all your skills towards creating projects based on real commercial work and motion design experiments. Tons of scene files and assets included!

  • Project Management
  • Lighting + HDRI Workflows
  • Texturing
  • 3D Titles and Logos
  • Setting up Nodes
  • More to come…

We've Helped Thousands of People


Greyscalegorilla has taught thousands of artists, designers, and filmmakers working in the 3D space. 

We can help you too! Here’s what a few artists had to say about our training.

(Rated 4.5 stars based on 317 reviews)

"GSG is like a C4D cookbook/dictionary. I can always reference them for anything I need to learn."
Scott G.
Designer, Airbnb
"Fun and entertaining. Gained detailed knowledge about X-particles and Cinema 4D."
Yan N.
Designer, Sony Pictures
"I feel like I’m getting training from ground zero. You do all the experimenting so we don’t have to waste time and just get to work."
Alex R.
Generalist, Fox Sports
"With your training, I was able to produce high quality product renders for an online shop."
Chris P.
Designer, Warner Music
"Quickly learn a solution to an immediate problem I am solving, or dive into something new."
Kyle B.
Designer, Procter & Gamble

Guide to Cinema 4D + Guide to Redshift + Guide to X-Particles + Over 200 Hours of Training + Hundreds of Downloads + So Much More

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