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About Plus
This page offers you a small glimpse inside of Greyscalegorilla Plus. Members have access to a full library of hundreds of hours of training and exclusive downloads. We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality training that is easy on the ears and fun to watch. So, we wanted to give you a small sample of everything inside.
What’s Included?
Want to know about everything inside? Download this PDF and get a complete overview of the training and downloads included with membership.

Guide To Cinema 4D

16+ hours guiding you through the latest Cinema 4D releases (now including R21) to show you everything you need to know about new features and tools.

Some Topics Covered:

  • Fields / Field Forces
  • Volumes
  • Nodes
  • UI and Custom Icons
  • Caps and Bevels

Guide To Redshift

19+ hours of training offering you a complete understanding of Redshift’s features and capabilities. Plus, follow along with the entire process of a real client job rendered in Redshift.

Some Topics Covered:

  • Lights and Cameras
  • Materials and Textures
  • Utilities
  • Best Render Settings

Guide To X-Particles

20+ hours of training teaching you the settings and features within X-Particles. This production focused guide will give you context on how this amazing plugin can be fully utilized.  Some Topics Covered:

  • Dynamics
  • Build on FX
  • Rain, Snow, Swarms
  • Future User Interface

250+ Hours of Training + Downloads

All of this and much more is waiting for you in Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Want to know what else is included? Download this PDF for a complete overview.

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Greyscalegorilla Plus

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