Catching Up On Everything | Greyscalegorilla Show Episode 101

November 21, 2018 - By 

Experience the new Greyscalegorilla Show, catch up on where we’ve been, and how the podcast has changed.

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GSG Show Notes:

AskGSG Live (Siggraph)

Our Favorite R20 Features (Siggraph)

Mind-blowing new features in C4D R20

Everything to know about Cinema 4D R20

R20 Training – Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to R20

Welcome Marketing Director Michael Maher

Light Kit Pro 3

Everyday Material Collection

Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to Redshift

Chad’s Material Screenshot Diary

Already Been Chewed

Skater Turned Motion Designer Interview

Celebrating 90 Years of Mickey Without Showing the Mouse


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