Maxon Buys Redshift and the Chaos of Making Everydays with Beeple | GSG Show 106

April 19, 2019 - By 

The team talks about the big news from NAB 2019, including Maxon’s acquisition of Redshift, making everydays with Beeple, MoGraph Meetups, and a big sale.

In this episode, Nick, Chad, and Michael talk about the exciting news and events at NAB 2019. Catch up on all the big news, and learn about a limited edition 50% off Greyscalegorilla Redshift bundle.

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Show Notes:

Section 1: Maxon Acquires Redshift

Section 2: Beeple Everydays and NAB Presentations

Beeple + Chad


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SQUID SYRUP #everyday #smh

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Beeple + Nick


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NICK CAMPBELL’S FANCY GORILLA MUSEUM #everyday special thanks @greyscalegorilla ❤️❤️❤️

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Section 3: NAB News and Updates

Section 4: MoGraph Community and Meetups

Section 5: Redshift Starter Kit + Tutorials

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