Cinema 4D R21 Features, Disney Plus, and Upcoming Events

August 27, 2019 - By 

The new features in C4D R21 that the team has been excited to play with, upcoming meetups and events, and Disney takes over streaming.

In this podcast episode, the team talks about exciting new Cinema 4D R21 features, upcoming events the team will be attending in the US and Canada, cord-cutting, and all the big Disney Plus announcements.

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Show Notes:

Greyscalegorilla Plus

3D Design + Motion Tour – 25% off with code: GSG3DMT

Half Rez 8


DFWC4D Meetup – and EyeDesyn

THX Deep Note – Genesis (2019)

THX Deep Note – Behind the Scenes

Video Copilot Orb

Disney Plus

MLB Advanced Media


YouTube TV

Veronica Mars

The Boys


Cinema 4D R21 Features

Custom C4D Workflow Icons – Coming Soon

The Happy Toolbox Vol 2.

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Podcast Episodes Transcript:

Nick Campbell: Hello there. Render friends. It’s nick here with the Greyscalegorilla podcast and right before we get started today, I wanted to remind you that we are launching Greyscalegorilla Plus any minute now. In fact, as soon as R21 drops, we’re going to have some brand new training to get you up and going with all the new stuff in R21 if a lot to announce a lot coming up, make sure you head on over to to learn more. You can even reserve a seat over there for the launch. Without further ado, let’s hop in to today’s podcast.

Nick Campbell: All right, we are back for it sounds like we’re back from a commercial break. We kind of are folks, welcome to the Greyscalegorilla podcast with me today is Michael Maher. How are you sir?

Michael Maher: I’m doing super.

Nick Campbell: I liked that, that felt real good, energetic and uh, of course, Chad. Ashley, how are You sir?

Chad Ashley: Not too bad. How about you?

Nick Campbell: Oh Man, I’m, I feel I’m feeling it today. Got My second coffee. Uh, that’s usually when I should stop. But, uh, you know, I think, I think we’ll go a little bit overboard. It’s a Monday. Uh, what, what’s been going on in the news these days? What’s, uh, any 3D craziness happening? Um, I know it’s summer and things get a little bit slow sometimes, but, uh, what’s been, what’s been going around around here?

Michael Maher: Oh man, just about everybody’s getting their shows ready. We’ve got like, um, a big road show from Maxon. We’ve got Half Rez coming up. There’s a bunch of other festivals like blend. Um, there’s the big Disney festival right now, so we got all that Disney movie news, Star Wars and marvel and way more Disney stuff than you’d expect to hear about.

Chad Ashley: So who, who’s signing up for Disney plus?

Michael Maher: I don’t have a choice, man. I’ve got, I’ve got boys at home and if I never have to buy another superhero movie, like it’s already worth it.

Nick Campbell: What? You may need to sell me on Disney plus cause we’re, we’re like, all right, I’m sure we’ll get there. But I’ve been watching some more, some more, uh, superhero movies, stuff like that. So I may need a little pitch later today. Uh, but, um, yeah, I mean events. Maybe we should start there with a, some Greyscalegorilla, uh, uh, events that will, will, that will be at essentially, I guess we’re not really running any of these, but we’re going to be, um, of course at Half Rez this year. Uh, actually, Mike, can you fill us in and can you give us a full calendar? There’s so much happening this, uh, this season. I can’t, I can’t even remember all of it.

Michael Maher: So a pretty much everything kicks off in September. Um, the first thing that some of you might have heard already is, uh, Maxon is doing a 26 city road tour called the 3d design and motion tour that kicks off September 4th in Austin. We’re sponsoring that event. We’ll actually be attending in a few different cities. Um, we’ve been got a discount for, uh, for you guys. We’ll make sure you guys can get a discount on your tickets. Uh, right after that, uh, the road show actually has a, a date in Chicago that is the week of Half Rez. Uh, I think Half Rez is September 18th. Um, and then right after that, that next weekend is blend. I know you’re going to that right Nick. That’s the, the 20th or the 21st.

Nick Campbell: Yeah, I’m a uh, hopping on a plane as soon as half rises over and heading to blend up in Vancouver and I, I think it will also be at the road show, uh, event in Vancouver as well. So if you’re listening come say hi there. And um, I think I’m, I’m looking at my other dates. I’ll look, a couple of these are tentative, but I, I might be in Denver, I might be in Toronto and definitely in Vancouver and Chad, are you going to the Chicago roadshow event?

Chad Ashley: Yeah, I’ll be at the Chicago Maxon roadshow event, most likely Montreal as well. And then possibly sticking around in Montreal for the Montreal in Motion Festival as well. And of course we’ll all be at, uh, at the, uh, the old Half Rez.

Nick Campbell: I’m so excited. Um, now, Mike, are you, are you heading to any one of these?

Michael Maher: Uh, I will likely head down for the Austin show. That’s the closest road show to me. And then I hear that, um, EJ will be in Dallas I think the night after, uh, for like a mograph meetup here. So I’ll probably head down to the Dallas mograph meetup as well.

Nick Campbell: Dude, it’s a, it’s huge. Go check that out. Um, they, they’re hitting some, uh, a ton of cities. They also have an upcoming, um, I don’t know if it’s Europe or UK. What did they, what do they call that? Not that other tour they’re doing after this?

Michael Maher: Yeah, well it’s actually all at the same time. So between September, I want to say September 4th and December 6th. Um, they’re hitting cities in the US, Canada, and Europe. She’s, if you, you can head over to That’s the number 3 . They’ve got a list of all the, uh, cities they’ll be going to, uh, tickets are available there.

Chad Ashley: Don’t Google Maxon roadshow like I did cause it takes you to a site. This isn’t until October. I’m like, what’s going on? Jeez. Anyway, so yeah, make sure you follow that, that correct URL people.

Michael Maher: Yeah. You looking for the 3d design and motion tour.

Nick Campbell: Yeah. And, and hey, if they come near your, your, your, uh, your place of business. Try to try to make it out to these, um, it, I know it’s a broken record. I, I feel like I say it every other podcast, but going to these events, meeting the people that make the software that, that you use, meeting the people that use all this stuff and are interested enough to like go out to event. It’s always worth it. Uh, if you’re doing this as a career, go meet the people that are working near you, uh, and, and say hi and uh, just try to make some time for it. It’s always a good time. Uh, and we’re excited this year we’re out. We’re also sponsoring the, the US portion of it. So go there, you can win some stuff. Um, and we also do, we have that code actually here. You can get a ticket.

Michael Maher: Yeah. So tickets are regularly $95. Um, but we have a 25% off code. So if you use, uh, GSG3DMT and we’ll have that down in the show notes cause it’s a little confusing. And I’m sure you’ve mixed up some of those letters. Is that an m or an n? M as in motion tour. Um, but what’s cool is that not only will you save on your ticket, uh, anybody who attends in person, you’re going to get, it’s almost like $1,000 in software. You’re going to get like a Cinema 4D subscription for like 90 days. You’re gonna get a creative cloud subscription, redshift, Sketchfab, there’s like a kitbash coupon and there’s like a ton of stuff included for, for anybody who buys a ticket.

Nick Campbell: That’s awesome. Well we hope to see you there. And if you’re a, obviously if you come in a Half Rez, come say hi and blend as well. I’ll be there in a beautiful Vancouver. Love that town. Trying to try and get an excuse. If I’m going to go try to try to mountain bike up in the up in the mountains there. I don’t know. Am I going to hurt myself?

Chad Ashley: Yes,

Michael Maher: Probably make for a good podcast episode.

Nick Campbell: It’d be good. It’d be good. Um, that’s originally where I got my mountain bike bug was up in Vancouver and so I kind of feel like I need to go back, but, uh, but man, that’s a, that’s an extra few days. Uh, and I got some other, uh, tourist cities to road show. Like I get back home, get my butt back on a plane, hopefully see it in your town, but, um, definitely check it out. And, uh, and it is, it’s, it’s event, it’s event time, it’s event date.

Michael Maher: Stay tuned to like our blog or, um, our social channels and we’ll make sure we keep you up to date on which upcoming events, uh, either Chad or Nick will be at and, uh, you’ll know, you’ll know more about it.

Nick Campbell: Awesome. Excited. Well, um, what else, what else is going in the, in the 3d world these days?

Chad Ashley: It’s up to three dimensions now.

Michael Maher: Yeah. Not much has changed there. Uh, there are one’s the, uh, the new THX intro that was announced. I don’t know if you guys saw that. Uh, I think it was earlier this week or late last week.

Nick Campbell: Oh, that was beautiful. Andrew Kramer worked on that, right?

Michael Maher: Yeah. Andrew Kramer and a, it was like a great design team that pretty much like looked through the history of the THX logo. And if you’re unfamiliar with that, it’s like whenever you went to see a movie at the movie theater and it was just, what was that noise? I think Chad could do the best noise.

Chad Ashley: I don’t remember it to be honest.

New Speaker: [Noise]

Michael Maher: That’s pretty close.

Chad Ashley: For those of you who didn’t tune out. Thank you.

Nick Campbell: Uh, yeah. Well then you gotta play the THX. How else are you gonna know if you’re a surround sound speakers work.

Michael Maher: So they did like this behind the scenes video and they show you how they build the audio spatially in 3d and like move like the logo throughout the rooms and stuff. It’s pretty neat.

Nick Campbell: Uh, it’s a killer. It’s a killer, a piece of work. Definitely go check it out. And yeah, they Kinda, they even show the cute little robots that that’s, that’s what was big back in the 90s when I was like, I was trying to build a VH s home theater system in my own house. Um, and uh, and I’ve always got the THX, I always got the wide, first of all, I always got the widescreen for some, you know, I had to be the purest but widescreen on a VHS by the way. Oh God. Not a lot of resolution to deal with. Um, and, but they did surround sound pretty good and they always had the THX thing. I always got excited and they had the cute little robots that would like pick up the letters and kind of solder them together. I don’t know what they were doing. Welding. Oh, I don’t know. Anyway, this new ones way better than the ones in the 90s. Go check it out. It is really fun. Um, now, Hey, speaking of, uh, surround sound, did you guys, I don’t even know if this is still around, but one of the things I remember playing with in Cinema 4D right when I, right when I got excited about it, was there sound capabilities? So you mentioned, uh, Mike that they, they built the behind the scenes with uh, like all the surround sound and all this stuff. Did they use the Cinema 4D tools to do that? Do you know?

Michael Maher: No, I don’t think so. I think this is kind of like whatever that custom state of the art THX stuff that we’re working on. But I do know, I know some cinema was involved. I would guarantee you if it’s not in the final thing, that element 3d and after effects was used to like mock up stuff. And I’m sure there’s some elements in there. Um, and I, I, I’m not sure how they rendered it, but we can, we can hunt down some more details on that.

Nick Campbell: Okay. I’m, I’m looking up in, um, so a little sneak peek. Um, I’m looking up inside of R21 right now for the old schools sound tools that were a part of Cinema 4D. I, I don’t even know if they’re still here, but w what you could do is set up essentially microphones inside of your 3d world and then attach sounds to your three d objects and then you would animate your 3d objects around and then you would place microphones around and you’re seeing to pick up the sound and then if you had a, a microphone behind your camera, essentially it could, you can make it fly in circles and then it would output the surround sound data for Home Theater and movie theaters. Does that make sense? Am I, am I explaining that properly?

Chad Ashley: Yeah.

Nick Campbell: They had that built in. I’m going to just type in microphone. Oh. Oh my gosh. I think it’s still here. I want to go play with it. Oh Man. I can’t believe. All right. Sorry. A little, a little side note, but I had to see if that was still there. I literally played with it for a month straight, made all these cool surround sound things, played it on the home theater and then never, never used it again.

Chad Ashley: That’s a great testament to that tool set.

Nick Campbell: I’m sure it’s still great. I’m sure the a THX tools are a little bit, little bit better I’m guessing. But uh, had to go see a totally forgot those were in there until I thought about it. Um.

Chad Ashley: I had no idea those were in there either. I think there was something used to be something like that for 3ds Max too, but I don’t, I don’t think I’ve ever used it.

Nick Campbell: Well it’s cool, it is. To me it was like such a novel way to do surround sound where you could just do it in 3d like you didn’t have to have all the microphones set up in, in real, you know, real life anywhere you just set up fake microphones, animate a car driving by wonder if it does like the doppler effect and all that. So I dunno, I got to go play with it now.

Chad Ashley: Could you like, just throw a tag on your character to make it talk?

Nick Campbell: Ooh, I’m kidding.

Nick Campbell: All right. Oh yeah. Uh, look, look on Instagram in the next month, see if I, see if I end up playing with the surround sound tools. Instagram support surround sound yet what’s going on? We’re all going back to the stereo.

Chad Ashley: It’s not THX certified, I don’t think.

Nick Campbell: Oh it’s bad.

Michael Maher: To anybody listening, if you just want to pull out our custom made THX logo that we made just a minute ago, we would love to see what you put together there.

Nick Campbell: Oh, the sound effect you mean?

Michael Maher: Oh yeah.

Nick Campbell: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Ashley: Get a free tee shirt.

Nick Campbell: Um, all right what’s, what else going on in the bis?

Michael Maher: Man.

Nick Campbell: Apparently not much.

Michael Maher: A lot, a lot of movie news. I don’t know if you guys are, are big Disney, Disney nerds like I am, but I’ve been kind of following along with all the D23 announcements.

Nick Campbell: Let’s go.

Chad Ashley: So, so D23 explain that to me cause I kind of tangentially know what that is. Just you know, from consuming news, but give me the lowdown.

Speaker 2: So D23 is kind of like, um, the big Disney event. It’s kind of like a Comic Con if you’re really into Disney stuff. Um, it’s almost like going to this massive show. It’s in Anaheim and they have, you know, different panels where you can see like, uh, stuff that they’re working on in the Star Wars world, stuff they’re doing with Marvel movies, stuff they’re doing with Walt Disney animation, Disney Studios, um, pretty much anything that the company is touching in any way you can learn a lot. But this year was, was a really big year because it’s, uh, they’re, they’re finally releasing all the details about Disney Plus, which drops here in like a, a couple of months.

Nick Campbell: So.

Chad Ashley: Yeah. That’s cool. I can’t wait for that.

Nick Campbell: Yeah. First of all, what, what isn’t Disney touching these days? Sounds like, it seems like they’re on top of everything and, and B. Yeah. What, so w so Disney Plus, uh, it’s obviously their membership thing, but what are they removing from everywhere else and what’s gonna be, what’s going to be in this thing? Do I need Disney Plus? That’s really the question.

Michael Maher: Probably. You’re not, there’s no, there’s no escaping that. There’s no escaping. Like I think a once, once Netflix licenses expire with any Disney related content, all of that is going to be on Disney Plus. But what’s cool is if anybody is familiar with like the Disney vault, like their archive where you know, in DVDs and Blu-rays came out, they’d bring them old animated film back and only for a limited time and all that stuff. And like if you want to go buy Bambi right now, you’d probably have to buy like an $800 Blu-ray disc that’s impossible to find. So they’re doing a way, they’re doing a way with the vault. So all the classic Disney movies are coming in. Um, anything from the Disney Animation Studio, everything from Pixar, um, almost all of the Star Wars movies. I know there’s some weird licensing with like the original trilogy, but I’m sure they’re working that out and they’ll have all Star Wars content.

Michael Maher: Um

Chad Ashley: Simpsons.

Michael Maher: All the Marvel stuff. Uh, Simpsons will be separate. So God, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I know all of this stuff guys. I’m just, so much worthless information. So anything that they, uh, bought from Fox. So Disney acquired Fox, um, earlier this year I think. Um, anything that’s rated R or most of the Fox content is gonna live on Hulu. And so Disney is actually launching three streaming services at once, uh, Hulu’s already out and they’re gonna migrate all of their, like excetera shows there and weird movies and R rated content will probably live on Hulu. Disney Plus will be all of your family friendly content, all the big blockbusters, your Lion Kings, your Iron Man movies, all that stuff. And then they’re also launching ESPN Plus, which is their new streaming sports package. Um, that’ll do all of their live events as well as like, you know, regular football games, UFC, all that kind of stuff.

Nick Campbell: God, they’re huge. This company. It’s amazing. First of all, ah, Pixar, where, how, how much Pixar stuff is going to be on the, on the Plus. Do we have, do we have word?

Michael Maher: I think it’s going to be all of it.

Chad Ashley: Yeah. It’s going to be all of it.

Nick Campbell: Oh, all right. I’m in.

Chad Ashley: Plus dude, I got, all I have to do is pitch this one show to you and I, and I, if you’re as big a fan of this guys, I as I hope you are, you’re you’re game. They have a show called the world according to Jeff Goldbloom.

Nick Campbell: Oh yeah. What else do I need?

Chad Ashley: And he, it’s amazing. That guy is the best and that show looks amazing.

Nick Campbell: Uh, all right. Oh, I’m in, look, if I can watch, um, if I could just watch Bug Life, Bug’s Life on loop. I’m good. That’s all I really need. It’s uh, I’m ready. Uh, I’m in, I already got the Hulu. In fact, we just finished. Big news, breaking news. We just finished uh, all the Veronica Mars stuff. So we’re, I’m really needing the next thing to, to kinda to start to start picking up, so.

Michael Maher: Well, I think there’s going to be some more Veronica Mars stuff here pretty soon. So there is at least that.

Speaker 1: Oh Man, I can’t get enough. Let me tell ya. That’s so great. That’s the, uh, we, my wife and I watched through all, all of the originals and then we had, and then we had a tangent with the movie, I guess. She spelled it out at the timeline that the Veronica Mars timeline, but we’re, we’re caught up. Um, so yeah, let’s go Disney Plus bring it on the Bug’s Life I’m ready.

Chad Ashley: I’m really looking forward to The Mandalorian. That looks really, really good. Which is I think, um, I don’t remember the timeline. I think it’s this, the, uh, this is sort of like the origin story of Boba Fett. Is that what this is?

Michael Maher: I believe so. Yeah.

Chad Ashley: Yeah. The trailer looks killer.

Michael Maher: They’re, uh, they, they haven’t announced too many details about the film or the series itself. Um, the stuff we do know is, uh, so Disney Plus is going to avoid the binge model. And so they’re gonna do weekly releases. So I think The Mandalorian like episode one will be available at launch and then like a week after they’ll drop the next episode and so on. So they’re going kind of traditional with the release, but that show looks incredible. They’re also launching with, um, a Lady and the Tramp film that they’ve announced and dropped a trailer for. They’re bringing also a bunch of the Disney television series are gonna live in Disney Plus too. So, um, I know Lizzie McGuire is coming back with like

Nick Campbell: Thank. Thank goodness.

Chad Ashley: Wow. I’m sold.

New Speaker: Lizzie Maguire in her thirties. Guys. I’m, I’m ready. I don’t know about you guys.

Nick Campbell: All of the, all the Disney shows I think we’re just past my age. Where I, like Nickelodeon turned into and Disney turned into an entirely different thing as soon as I like grew, like, what was the last thing? Maybe Spongebob was like on the, on the cusp, you know, or like, like, I dunno Rocko’s Modern Life, I dunno, I date myself. But then all this Disney stuff came through and I, I didn’t get to, I didn’t get to enjoy all those shows. I was uh

New Speaker: Aw man. I watched them all with my kids. I think we watched iCarly, actually I don’t think iCarly was Disney. I don’t know. We watched a lot of that stuff. High School Musical, all that stuff.

Michael Maher: There’s a new High School Musical series on Disney Plus.

Nick Campbell: Oh.

Chad Ashley: Yeah. Just when my kids completely grow out of all of that stuff, they come out with this. Yeah. My kids don’t even watch TV anymore. I don’t know what it is. Like it’s just kids don’t watch TV. They’re on their phones or they’re on Netflix, but they’re not like consuming cable or TV. The way that we did, it’s pretty crazy.

Michael Maher: Disney knows this. Mouse is in the house.

Nick Campbell: You’re going through this, right? Chad, are you doing the, the cable? The, what do they call it? The cord cutting. The cable cutting.

Chad Ashley: I think we are, we haven’t officially cancelled, uh, Xfinity yet, but we’re testing out some stuff right now. I mean, what it came down to is I just noticed that every time that my wife and I sat down to watch TV, we were going to either Netflix, Hulu or like HBO go. And we rarely ever tuned into actual live TV cable only to watch like the news and football in the football season so I started looking at that and how much money I’m paying every month to these people. And it’s just, it’s just doesn’t add up. There’s no reason to do it anymore. So I did a lot of research and exploration and we have a smart TV that you can download apps and stuff on. It’s a Roku TV. So I downloaded YouTube TV on the, on the TV and that gives you, I think 90 channels, including all your local channels, including, um, FX, FXM, all those sort of channels. And it allows you to watch football, sports, whatever, unlimited DVR. And I was like, yeah, that’s only 45 bucks a month, I think, or 49 bucks a month. And it just, it made so much more sense. So we’re giving it a shot, see how it goes.

Nick Campbell: Yeah. That there’s so many more options now. I think you’re right. That’s like the sports thing is really the, the hardest one to figure out it seems. We don’t, we don’t watch a ton of live sports, but it’s my, well, let’s just say this. My brothers-in-law are always bummed when they come to my house, they’re like, you’re that guy. Where’s, where’s the game dude? I’m like, and then I gotta jump through like eight hoops to put like the baseball game on. They’re like, well, how do you live like this? Like I don’t sorry guys. Like what is wrong with this dude?

Michael Maher: Um, you wanna you want to really weird uh rabbit whole story. Uh, baseball. MLB specifically is the reason like Disney Plus exists right now.

Nick Campbell: Hm.

Michael Maher: So there’s a, uh, back in the early 2000s, uh major league baseball pooled all of their teams together. And like, I think every team had to put in like $1 million a year for like four or five years. And they built what was called MLB Advanced Media and it was essentially the first like streaming sports site. And they were going to sell tickets online and they were going to start streaming games and essentially they built like one of the most successful streaming companies ever.

Michael Maher: Um, it’s kind of sense split off. It’s called uh BAMTech now. And uh, what BAMTech does is they are running, um, the MLB stuff, they’re doing streaming for the NHO, PGA, uh, world wrestling. They do like a riot games, which is like all the League of Legends or League of, I can’t remember what video game streams, e-sports. Um, but Disney bought the majority share in BAMTech about a year or two ago and now BAMTech is building Disney Plus, uh, ESPN Plus. And so they’re, they’re like the secret people behind a majority of these streaming services.

Nick Campbell: Well that’s nuts so.

Michael Maher: Yup.

Nick Campbell: All right.

Michael Maher: Wild.

Nick Campbell: Do they, well, maybe that’s the next thing I gotta go solve is this live sports thing. Chad. Let me know how the YouTube thing works out for that, huh?

Chad Ashley: Oh, I watched, I already watched one Bears game. And what’s great is that you could actually record all games on unlimited DVR and all that stuff. But what’s awesome is that you can watch it on your phone so you can start watching the game in the living room. And then if you want to go out and sit on the patio or go for a walk or whatever, you can just start, you can keep watching the game on your phone, but it is tied to location. So you know, there’s all sorts of uh, NFL rules that you can’t watch. I don’t know what they are exactly, but basically it means that I can’t watch a Bears game if I’m not in the Bears area.

Nick Campbell: Oh right.

Chad Ashley: So it looks at your, uh, uh, phone location. So yeah, you’re not gonna be able to like cheat the system and like watch if you’re in, I don’t know, on the west coast and you want to watch the Lions play, like you’re, you’re not going to be able to do that. But, um, yeah, so far it’s pretty impressive. I’ve got to say, it’s like really good quality too. Like the, the quality of the stream is great. Uh, the interface is pretty much the same as YouTube, so you already kind of know it, which is nice cause I tried to use, tried using Hulu for a while and we still watch a few shows on Hulu. But I gotta say Hulu has probably the worst interface of all of them that I’ve tried. It’s just not a good interface.

Michael Maher: A lot of excessive scrolling.

Chad Ashley: Yeah. And is like really thin lines under stuff. I can’t, can’t tell what’s selected or where I am.

Nick Campbell: Yeah. The Hulu interface with the Apple TV remote is like a carnival game. It’s so hard. It’s so hard to figure it out and it’s, you always want one. You get to, scroll down to, you get one and then if they show you the wrong episode, you’ve got to like do a hard press in and then yeah, it’s bad.

Chad Ashley: Yeah. So that’s why I was kind of like, people were telling me to go to Hulu and I was like, dude, I don’t know if I can, I dunno if I can deal with that frustration every time I want to change the channel or something. I’d, I just want to make it simple, make it easy.

Nick Campbell: If you do what they think you want to do, then you’re fine. Like if, if, if you just binge watch all Veronica Mars in a row, then you’re fine. You’re living in a world where they want you to just go back to the app and click next show. But as soon as you’re like, you know, jumping around to find something. Eh, it gets, it gets bad. The only thing that saves the, the app, the Apple TV side of it. So, so my setup is Apple TV with Hulu Go, uh, HBO Go and, and YouTube and Netflix and then we’re, and. Oh, this is what I wanted to remind you too Chad it, you’re close enough to potentially two major cities where an antenna might be something you want to look into if you don’t already have one. Because we get

Chad Ashley: I thought about that.

Nick Campbell: Live it’s so beautiful. Just for image quality, Chad.

Chad Ashley: Yeah, yeah for sure.

Nick Campbell: Like, it is so much nicer than cable for sure. But I think even the YoTube streams, it is like the bit rate is bonkers when you’re watching the antennas feed, you lose all the DVR stuff and all that. But that saved my butt on baseball games for sure.

Chad Ashley: Oh yeah.

Michael Maher: I used to have one.

Nick Campbell: But it also saved my butt on some things like the Grammy’s or the Emmy’s or whatever. We just like watch it right there.

Chad Ashley: I’m such a slave to the DVR though. Like I can’t give up the DVR controls, you know. Gotta have my pause, gotta have my pause.

Nick Campbell: That’s right. Don’t want to miss it. We, we definitely have had the moment on watching antenna TV where we’re like, oh my gosh, commercials are the worst.

Chad Ashley: Yes dude. That, forget about it. They’re like that. No Way.

Nick Campbell: And then same thing to where we’ll be watching something and then we kind of have a, I don’t know if everybody has this, but you know, my, my significant other, and I have a little like visual code that means pause it so that we can talk about what happened or whatever. So instead of trying to say it out loud like, Hey, can you pause it? There’s like a hand gesture, right? Well you know one of us will be watching some live thing and one of us will be like, Ooh, that’s the actor from whatever and like gesture to like go pause it so we could find out who that actor is like put, keep the thing on the screen so we can read it and every time, every time I reached for the Apple remote I hit the pause button and then I’m like freaking Apple remote doesn’t work. And then I’m like, okay, I’m watching live TV every time and

Chad Ashley: Like a barbarian.

Nick Campbell: Like a barbarian with commercials and every time I’m like, I’m so glad I don’t live in that world anymore. You can just dial it up, pause it.

Chad Ashley: I know.

Michael Maher: You guys use Amazon Prime at all?

Chad Ashley: Yeah.

Nick Campbell: Yeah.

Chad Ashley: Actually.

Michael Maher: I think they’re a little like pause or hover feature is so underrated and so incredibly impressive that like when you’re watching something you can just pop up the menu that tells you what actor is in that scene, what song is playing like. It’s really nuts.

Chad Ashley: Yeah, I’ve seen that somewhere else too. I want to say the Google Movies app does that where if you pause it, it draws a little circle around the actor’s face and like has a little headshot of theirs and tells you who’s on the screen and stuff.

Michael Maher: That’s crazy.

Chad Ashley: I love that stuff cause that that’s the kind of thing where you’re like, oh, you know who is that? And then hit pause and then you’re not like searching IMD for half an hour.

Nick Campbell: Wasn’t Shazam trying to figure that tech out too? I don’t know if they finally did it, but they were, their goal was to do for the Shazam audio, but do it for movies and TV where at any moment you could just pull out Shazam, hit the button and then it’ll listen to your audio, where you are and then know what you’re listening to as fast as it does it. It’s alien technology that Shazam.

Michael Maher: And I think the

Nick Campbell: And then, they would show you like, what, like what people were wearing and what, who was on the screen. Is that still a thing, did they give up on that?

Michael Maher: I don’t think it worked because they tried a thing where they were doing commercials and the Shazam thing would pop up and you could play the song and it would like tie it, would know the audio and pull you up to like the client’s uh website for like whatever, cleaning supplies. But the problem is when those commercials are on, you only have 30 seconds. So by the time you turn your phone on, unlock it, open Shazamm you’ve already missed the commercial.

Nick Campbell: Yeah, exactly. Um, well look, look, audience. Uh, if you’ve been looking at cutting the cord, you found the right episode, my friends.

Chad Ashley: I think I’m late to the game dude. I tweeted it and everybody’s like, oh, I haven’t had that in years.

Michael Maher: I haven’t had it. It’s been probably oh, man. Like 12 years for me.

Chad Ashley: Wow. Dude. Really?

Nick Campbell: I think it was ’07 was the

Michael Maher: I was very poor in college, man. There was no point in trying to get cable.

Nick Campbell: Yeah.

Chad Ashley: Crazy.

Nick Campbell: I think it was the year after, what year did the Bears win um, uh, the Superbowl? Or,

Chad Ashley: ’05.

Nick Campbell: Or the, they made it to the finals, sorry. It was like, ’07, ’08 something like that.

Chad Ashley: I think it was either, I think it was ’06.

Nick Campbell: Anyway, whatever year that was. I watched every Bears game on Comcast cable and then the next year I moved and I cut, cut the cord and it was, it’s been great ever since. I think essentially, uh, I, one of the things about getting older is all your antidotes seem like you’re ancient now. Like I had Netflix when they shipped DVDs to your house.

Michael Maher: Yep.

Nick Campbell: And as soon as they switched to like Netflix streaming and I could do both, I was like, I don’t need anything ever again. I just canceled cable around then, so I think that was, oh ’08, ’09. It’s been great. Chad, let us know your results.

Chad Ashley: I’ll keep you posted. I think, uh, I think it’s gonna work out. My biggest test was, you know, is my wife gonna get frustrated with the UI and whatnot, but she seems to be taken to it. And I think what helped is, I showed her how much money we were going to save a year. She was like, every time she’s like frustrated about something, she, I could almost like see it here, think about that. And she’s like, mah, I can live with this.

Nick Campbell: Yeah, it’s still worth it.

Michael Maher: Do you, do you and your wives watch stuff together or are one of you streaming the TV while the other one’s on their phone watching something else?

Michael Maher: Uh, almost always together.

Nick Campbell: Yeah. Yeah. Let’s see. We watch, we watch stuff at night together on the actual TV couch. But then, uh, my wife watches on her laptop even at night. Like even if I’m off doing something else, she won’t sit down in front of the TV. She’ll watch everything on her laptop and like, uh, carry that around with her. Like it’s pretty, uh, I, I, that’s not how my brain works, but she definitely does it that way. What’s uh, what’s your, what do you got Mike?

Speaker 2: Most of the time we, if the boys, if all the boys are asleep, we can watch a show together. But anything that has like language or stuff like that, it’s pretty much rules out. So we watch a lot of kids shows and kids movies and, but finally when they go to bed, we’ll watch things like, we just finished, uh, The Boys on Amazon Prime. Highly recommend that. Really, really good show. Um, and we did Chernobyl and you know, when you’re getting into these R rated stuff, it’s really hard to watch that together when you have little children that could pop into the living room at any time.

Chad Ashley: Yeah. That doesn’t really change. So we’ll be watching stuff and yeah, the girl, you know, my girls are much older, but they, uh, you still don’t want, you still don’t want your kids walking into an inappropriate scene no matter how old they are. It’s super uncomfortable to like have your parents watching something with nudity and you walk in. So yeah, we’re constantly like, do you have the remote? Where’s the remote? I think the kids are coming down, get on the remote. And so we’re just like our fingers always on the remote to like turn it off or change the channel. Yeah. So that doesn’t really ever go away.

Michael Maher: Did you guys always do that? That classic thing when you were a kid that when you knew a nudity scene was coming up that you’re like, oh, I gotta go to the bathroom. I know when this girl in Lethal Weapon falls out of this window that you’re going to see some breasts and I don’t want to be in the room with my parents.

Chad Ashley: Oh yeah. That’s always the worst feeling in the world. And then you just sit there silently waiting for the moment to pass, like praying that it just goes by without anybody. Please don’t say anything. Please don’t, like please dad, don’t make a joke. Please.

Nick Campbell: Can you hear me? Am I breathing too heavy? What’s happening? Uh, no, not good. Not Good. Well, look, um, here’s, here’s what I’m, I’m, I’m glad that, uh, that all of these people decided to name their thing Plus it made it a lot easier when we decided to name something.

Chad Ashley: We consulted with them actually.

Nick Campbell: Yeah. We’re like, look, Disney, here’s what we’re, here’s what we’re planning here at Greyscalegorilla. We’re gonna call it Plus, and you know, it’s going to be a, a membership and it’ll, it’ll just be easier if we all, hey, Apple, hey Timmy Cook come here, we’re gonna all plan this together, and then, um, everyone will understand when, uh, when it comes out. And so, yeah, so I’m glad, I’m glad we all kind of came to a consensus on that. And, uh, you know, it’s all, it’s all um, it’s all there. Um, well, goodness. Well, goodness, I, uh, what else was on our, uh, our topic list for today? I want to make sure we, we have time for everything. Um, I guess, uh, if, uh, speaking of Plus, uh, we still can’t announce it yet. It’s so we will have some big news on Plus, um, uh, when R21 is launched and released so we can say that, is that correct Mike?

Michael Maher: Correct.

Nick Campbell: Okay. That week is going to be back week is going to be a crazy week. Um, other than that we have, yeah, everything else is just big stuff planned that I can’t mention yet. I’m so bummed, but it’s not, it’s what a teaser. You’re welcome folks out there. You know, what a teaser. Uh, but um, as soon as R21 is launched, so actually, uh, Chad have you played with R21 yet?

Chad Ashley: I have not played with it. I got kicked off the Beta for being rowdy. No, I’m not. I was kicked off the Beta cause I didn’t, I didn’t participate. Uh, I’m in a lot of Betas and sometimes I just don’t have time to like be the best Beta testers. So I totally understand that I got booted. But yeah, I have been watching what’s been going on and I’ve been watching some of the R21 stuff that, that uh, that we’ve been producing and it’s got some stuff in there that I think, I don’t think a lot of people are really talking a lot about, a few of the features that I’m excited about and I think they will, once they start playing with it, I think this release has a bunch of great quality of life features that may don’t, they may not look super sexy on uh, the like there’s no, uh, fields, you know, there’s no like, big flagship feature, but there’s so many cool little things that I think are going to help people and make their lives easier.

Chad Ashley: That it’s definitely worth being excited about, especially if you’ve butted your head up against a couple different things like seeing organization stuff, a text or logo, beveling. I think not enough people are talking about that feature, which is really, really good. Um, what else did I see in there that was getting me excited? Uh, oh, the uh, the custom icons I think are really, really cool. I can’t wait to play with those. Can’t wait to make my own custom icons for scene organizations.

Chad Ashley: Oh, okay. So how do, how do you do a custom icon? Yeah, so they’ve got, they’ve got this new ability to, I think with like a lot of the different objects in the object manager you can dive into I forget what tab it is, but you can actually create uh, you can actually change out the icon for your, let’s say a null and they have some preset icons in there and you can even change the color. But what’s really cool is you can make your own icons and save them as a preset.

Nick Campbell: Oh, okay. Game Changer.

Chad Ashley: Yeah, Dude. So if you’re looking to like, you know how it is when you have a tons of objects in your scene, you start using nulls as organizational devices, not necessarily as like a null to like, you know, manipulate or do any sort of hierarchal animation, but using the null to like organize your stuff is something that everybody does. So imagine being able to put like a folder icon on the null and then maybe change the color to a color that you associate with folders and then save that as a preset. So now every time that you want to organize your scene, you’re not using the janky null icon. You’re actually, it actually makes visual sense.

Nick Campbell: Yeah, that’s right. Okay. Andy did show me that. Um, so, so Andy Needham, he’s working with us for the, R21 training. He’s been, uh, knocking it out of the park. He’s been sending over videos and we’ve been talking online a bit and he showed me that it was all organization and there’s like a ton of different icons too, right? Not just like three or four.

Chad Ashley: Yeah, there’s a bunch of icons. And to be completely honest, uh, they’re kinda weird and not like ones that I would have made. Like there’s a horse and like a, uh pair of underwear. Um, but hey man, to each his own. So I plan on, uh, creating some for us and, uh, having some fun with that, uh, and making some really nice looking ones.

Nick Campbell: Ooh, that’s a great idea. Um, oh my gosh. Yeah, we need a, we need a whole library of these things.

Chad Ashley: Yep.

Nick Campbell: Um, so I, so I’ve been talking with, with Andy, learning a lot more about the, the new stuff as well and playing with it. Um, making some videos for R21 and I think I’m feeling the same way. Like getting more excited about R21. The more I play with it and the more I find these little details, little the way that they made the presets a little bit easier and the way they organize things a little bit nicer. Have you, it’s, it’s like this. Do you ever like rented a car and you got in and you, the interface was just un, um, uh, like unorganized in a way where you had the car for like two or three days and you still didn’t quite understand how to turn on the air conditioner after all three days. Like just if you ever had a car so poorly organized or like, or even just a subtle thing like you go in and you get the big, the big bottle of water.

Nick Campbell: Cause it’s a road trip. You don’t want to stop again. And then you go to try to put that in the, in the cup holder and you’re like, okay this was not, this was designed for like a can of soda who nobody, which no, no gas station sells anymore. It’s all giant 20 ounces and then you finally get in a car that’s like, well thought out, everything’s in the right place and you, you, there’s like a little place for your phone, which no car has like a little little holder there. And that’s kinda how I feel now in R21 like there’s a place for everything. It’s, it’s thought out the, the, the high beams are where they should be and the air conditioners easy to find. And now I go back to the old car and I’m like, okay, this is, this is a little bit more scrambled up than I remembered. It kinda, it Kinda took a nice interface and a nice layout to remind me kind of how clumsy some of the things are. So that’s kind of those, like you had a better way to say it, Chad. Like, uh, these, these day to day workflow.

Chad Ashley: Quality of life.

Nick Campbell: Yeah. Quality. Exactly. It’s those, it’s those like intangible quality of life things that you don’t notice until you go back to it and then you’re like, it’s like commercials. It’s like commercials on your TV. Like how did I ever live like this?

Chad Ashley: Yep.

Nick Campbell: And then once you’re in the new interface, um, it’s, it’s a lot more logical, a lot more easy to, to find things. Once you know where they are, it takes a little while to get used to it. But, uh, I’ve been, I’ve been really enjoying those kind of kind, kinda things and playing around a ton with uh field forces, of course, that’s the, that’s the big fun thing. But really what I’ve been doing is just kind of rediscovering fields as well. Just a good excuse to kind of dive deeper into the power of fields now that there’s more fields to play with kind of re, re-looking at R20 and all the power that that brought, which I’m, which I know a lot of us haven’t even had time to really dive deeper into that. So, um, I’m excited. I’m excited to get this training into uh Greyscalegorilla Plus. Excited to play more with R21 and get some of these, uh, tutorials to you guys too. So, um.

Michael Maher: I will add to that that, uh, once uh, R21 is available, you will be able to still see some stuff from us on YouTube. Um, we’ll have a new tutorial up there. Um, but yeah, we’re doing some pretty, pretty fun deep dive, uh, over in Greyscalegorilla Plus that we’re excited about.

Nick Campbell: Yeah, I’m excited for both. Um, I’m looking, I’m looking at a scene right now. This is not helpful in a podcast situation, but what I’m looking at here in R21, looking pretty good. All right. I’m gonna go look, I’m gonna go play with these uh these icons. I’m going to go figure it out. What’s fun is we can, I can go watch the training from Andy. Cause I know, I know

Michael Maher: What a teaser.

Nick Campbell: I know. I’m going to go watch it. Nananana na, I get to go watch it before you guys do. And I’m going to go, um going to go figure this out. Uh, but yeah, those, those, those types of things are, are super useful. Um, I’m going to dive deeper into that right now. Well, cool. Um, well other than teasers, we can’t tease in the future. We do have our events coming up. We have, uh, the Plus launch, which by the way, if you want to be, um, notified about the Plus launch, when that, uh, happens early September, make sure you go to, uh, Put your name in there, reserve your seat. And, um, it’s, it’s going to be quite the week. We’ve got a ton of stuff all about R21. I know, Mike, you’ve been working really hard getting all this stuff together. We have, uh, an interview with Andy which I’m excited about and a, a bunch of other awesome stuff coming out here in the next, gosh, the next month’s going to be crazy, um.

Michael Maher: Be a pretty wild couple of weeks here. Um, like as you’re listening to this podcast, we just released Happy Toolbox Volume 2. So there’s a hundred and new mods, 180 new models in the store right now. Um, and then, yeah. Plus is, is so big. Um, it’s, it’s a big, it’s a big project for us. We’re really, really excited to get this out, so can’t wait to share so much more about it.

Nick Campbell: Yeah, I’m a, I’m excited as well. Um, and uh, I think unless there’s any other news we should get to, we could wrap this one up and uh, uh, and, uh, get, get back to work on Plus. Getting all these products, get all these products launched, getting uh Happy Toolbox out, which that’s what I’ve been playing with in R, uh R21 a ton. Um, you may have seen some stuff on Instagram that I’ve been playing with the Happy Toolbox models. They’re really, uh, unique models. Go check them out. Um, and uh, we’ll have more news about that as early as next week. So, um, uh, let’s, uh, let’s wrap this one up, if, unless there’s anything else and, um, I think

Michael Maher: Oh I do, I do, I have, I have one last thing I forgot to tell you guys about.

Nick Campbell: Hit me.

Michael Maher: If you go to we have revamped the entire podcast user interface. So now you can easily find us on all your favorite streaming sites, uh, go through the archive of past episodes. Um, and yeah, it’s, it’s a lot easier to find these.

Chad Ashley: Nice.

Nick Campbell: Oh, that’s great. Um, I got a little sneak peek of that this morning, at our meeting. It’s looking good and um, yeah, I’m, I’m excited we got the podcast back and uh, you know, let us know your thoughts. If you’re listening this late, you’re all ultimate fan. And, uh, so we want to hear from you, you know, if you’re watching on YouTube here, leave a comment, let us know, um, maybe a topic or something that we can discuss in future podcasts. And, uh, you know what, Hey, if you’re listening this late, uh, let us really know you’re, you’re listening and let us know your, um, streaming setup right now. What’s, what’s your go to? What are we missing? What do we not subscribe to? Um, is Showtime worth it? You know what I’m saying? Like helping us out.

Chad Ashley: Crunchy roll.

Nick Campbell: And, uh, so, um, yeah. And, and what always helps is, um, uh, head over to iTunes and, and giving us a rating or a comment or something over there. It helps people discover the podcast, uh, when they’re looking for it. So, um, uh, with that, let’s end this one. Thank you as always, for listening to the Greyscalegorilla show, the Greyscalegorilla podcast. Thank you guys for being here. Appreciate it. And, uh, we’ll see you in the next one. Bye everybody. Should we do the THX noise? That would be the big ending.

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  • R21 looks beast, can’t wait to try it out 🙂

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