Greyscalegorilla Podcast: A Talk With Mike Senften

October 27, 2015 - By 

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In this episode I talk with Mike Senften, also known as “The Monkey”, about some of the things we were interested from our past that made us who we are today. The topics jump from puzzles, theater, music, and sound waves. Later in the episode, we talk about Freelancing an how hard it would be to sell a hot dog in New York City.

Show Notes
Tutorials By Mike
Dorian Orange
Mike’s Half Rez Presentation Coming Soon

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  • I am not sure you guys are prepared for old age, but I came to C4D to keep my brain alive. At 67 now I have been doing C4D for 5 years. Started 3D with Simply 3D, Fractal Design Raydream, Carrara and another one I have forgotten. Finally with Cinema I can produce. Having the all the time to spend that you want, not having to worrying about making money and having the money to buy what you want are some of the joys of getting ancient. Sure maybe I am not cutting edge, but I can still produce and try and duplicate recipes of others and make life interesting. Your forties are when you are just learning about life, look out, things are moving so fast no one can keep up.

  • OMG, so funny you guys are talking about domestic beer taste testing. We do a “shit” beer taste test every few years. What people think they prefer is almost never what they actually choose in a blind taste test. Try it, it’s a blast. You can only do two at a time. A vs B then go down the bracket until you have one winner. People are always surprised by their #1 and #2 choices. Start with around 8 domestics, all regular or all light. Cheers!

  • Can’t wait to see Mike’s presentation, hope to see it in its entirety. This was a great interview and Nick let it go where it was heading. Sort of a leap of faith? Thanks guys for being both entertaining and informative.

  • old people in motion graphics?
    visible in render – off
    visible in editor – off

  • Nice one!. You guys are evidently open-minded knowledge-hungry dudes thus I was quite surprised that you both not seem to have ever heard about “backward causation”.
    The fact that an effect can occur before its cause has been proven by some scientists a few years ago. This discovery is still only on a “quantum level” and is based on photon’s behaviour, but hey… the plan is that one day you’ll be able to have your album out even before recording it!! 😉 It’s a short leap if you watch it from a distance.

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