Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Cineware And Cinema 4D Lite Q&A

June 19, 2013 - By 

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TOPIC: In this episode, I answer questions about the new Cineware And Cinema 4D Lite tools in After Effects Creative Cloud.

Show Notes
Cineware FAQ
Adobe Creative Cloud
Intro To Cinema 4D Lite And Cineware Tutorials
Light Kit Pro
Texture Kit Pro
Every Setting In Cineware Tutorial
Mograph Tutorials
Greyscalegorilla Tutorials Page

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  • Are we able to purchase Cineware only for CS6?.. without having to use CC?

  • Finally a new podcast from you 🙂 i nearly abandoned the hope to hear some news from you via podcast! 😉

    But maybe some topic for an upcoming podcast: i would really like to hear what you think of the new mac pro’s… After such a long time, they finally released a new one. But will it be as good as they say it will? Did you follow the wwdc keynote from apple? And what do others maybe think of it?

    Well just some random thoughts from my side 😉

    Cheers from germany,

  • Hey Nick,

    This you gotta see man…………. theyve done a spoof of your catchphrase!

  • Skies, Backgrounds, and seamless floors do not render in AE’s Cineware.

  • Hi ! I just watch these videos and I would like to know the technics of it (the way the text bump like a liquid). It seems simple, but I am sure there are tricks

  • Is After Effects CC replacing CS6?

    • Yep, After Effects CC is version 12 (effectively CS7). The Adobe has adopted a cloud service in which you pay a monthly subscription.

  • It seems C4D Lite has an editing Limitation, i cant group or un-group, in fact my editing button doesnt even allow me to click it because its disabled. I have a Model that has some odd groupings that i would like to change in C4D Lite but i dont seem to be able to do it? any advice on that?

  • Request tutorial:
    create fire in cinema 4d (TurbulenceFD plugin)
    please -please- please
    thank you.

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