Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 57: Tips for Working Remotely

April 3, 2017 - By 

In this episode, the group talks all about working remotely. The good, bad, and the lonely bits about working from home. We even manage to work in a few tip/tricks to help make working from home easier.

Have a great working from home tip or story? Share it with us!

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Show Notes

LearnSquared Live Show
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Google Hangouts
Noise canceling headphones – Bose QC Wired
Surviving Working at Home
Remote Book


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  • Don’t know if you guys will get this. I enjoyed the podcast. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for being along side me as I have learned C4D. I was working FT at agencies for most of my career. My goal was to one day work from my back yard. For the last little over a year and a half I have achieved my goal. I work in a converted shed that is my office in my back yard, in the small town of Paul ID population 1,100! Business is going great, I am getting close to upgrading my freelance business into a small boutique studio. I have three kids and a wife who chooses to stay home to raise the kids. It really is a great life and you guys have been apart of my success, so THANK YOU!

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