Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 58: Do the Tools make the Artist?

April 10, 2017 - By 

In this episode, the gang discusses whether or not plugins/tools are needed to make great work. Also, at what point can tools/plugins help or hurt?

We’d love to know your favorite C4D feature or plugin, lets us know below!

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Show Notes

Mac Pro Announcement
Maxon Labs
Joe interviewing Joe
Nick’s First Camera
Moment Lens Company

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  • Nope, it’s not the tools but it can help a lot. Don’t go pc! or not… seriously, do you want to drop the sponge every time you have these creative feelings? (again?) PC do that, it stops you when you need to go further on your idea by crashing, freezing… and this corruption of my files is really bad influence. For me that’s real sadness and a lot of time wasted.

    Leaving the creative on mac for style frames, drawings, storyboarding, photoshop, illustrator, etc looks like a good Idea to me and the specs on actual macs are big enough for creative work.

    3D was for me dedicated to PC from the beginning, mac jumped on the train but was apparently not prepared for change, let’s give them a chance to convince again and hey specs now on macs are not for babies you can still make great creative 2D/3D work on C4D or another.

    btw I was forced to finish a work on pc 3days ago and I do not feel any pain.

    my 2 cents here


  • Sorry for the bad English from Belgium.

  • A Cinema 4D feature I couldn’t live without is Shift-C

    My favourite plugIn is Arnold for C4D. I have been using it for some time now with a renderfarm to do the final renders and I just love it.

    Second favourite is the Houdini Engine. Being able to import assets directly into C4D is amazing despite the fact that I am still only scratching the surface.

    Finally I have to admit that I was blown away by Apple this week. Not in my wildest dreams I would have imagined them actually admitting they f****ed up with the trashcan. Nor that they would mention anything about the mac pro ever again. I was sure it was going to vanish from their store soon.
    But saying they are working on a modular mac pro that would fit every pros need by being able to configure the hell out of it is short of a miracle and unprecedented as far as I am aware. We still have to wait and see what they will come up with but needless to say I am thrilled.
    I have switched to a windows machine mid last year because they didn’t offer anything that could drive the software I use but as soon as they offer something compelling again I am back. I still miss OSX for it’s simplicity and straight forward interface. Something windows will, at least for me, never be able to offer.

  • Concerning Chris and his camera I would advise to take a look at the Fujifilm X-T1.
    It’s dropped in price since the Fujifilm X-T2 came out and it is still one of the absolute best and versatile shooters out there.
    I think it is at about 800$ right now.

  • some kind of new science for brainy nerds:

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