Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 62: Salary negotiation tactics and getting paid what you’re worth.

May 15, 2017 - By 

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In this episode, the crew chats about first jobs, salary negotiation tactics, and getting paid what you’re worth. We also announce our upcoming Spring Sale!

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  • Hate to be that guy, but…it should be “you’re.” As in “…getting paid what YOU ARE worth.”

  • Awesome podcast! As a person relatively new to the industry, these are questions that have triumphed me. Love it!

  • Hi Nick!
    I love your podcast. It’s very inspiring en keeps me going on with the creativity I need on a day to day basis. Currently I’m wrestling with the following – for the past 3 years I worked for the same client, making explainer video’s. During that time, I had to reject projects from my former clients because I was too busy with that “new” company. 3 years later, I grow tired of doing the same over and over again, and kinda “shunted” them away by disappointing them with missing deadlines, not responding their calls/mails… that’s how unmotivated I became after those 3 years. And now I’m in a rut, not knowing how to proceed. I never had to search for clients, but now I get the feeling I must, and very urgently even, because, well… there’s no job anymore. Also, not getting any younger. Reaching 42 now, I get the feeling I missed out a lot, and may not be able to get to the “cool stuff” anymore. Is this a creative mid-life crisis? Does this all makes any sense? Or is it just an unjustified feeling? (Sorry for my crappy English as I’m from Belgium 😉
    Any input would be great!!! P.S. When do we get to see you again @ OFFF Barcelona? 😉 Keep up the great work buddy! Kindest regards, Bob

  • P.S. Can you leave out or change my name? Belgium is a small country, and you have a large fanbase here swell 😉 Thanks!

  • Hey guys,

    Sometimes you guys make a silly podcast, but you dont know how much you affect someone’s life.

    On Monday, I was offered anew position at a huge company, where many dream of working. I was stressed all day about pushing back and asking for more money. Normally I listen to you guys in the morning, but I was so stressed that I didnt get to the podcast until the afternoon. When I came to the site, I found it really crazy that the issue I was facing this specific day, you guys offered advice on it.

    I really appreciated it that advice came from Chad, a person who has been on both sides of the hiring spectrum. The advice was golden. I got the courage to push back on the employer with a counter offer, and they immediately accepted.

    You guys think you make tutorials and tools, but what you really do is touch people lives, bank accounts (by offering tools we use to make money) and futures.

    Thank you…BTW…Im an old follower, from 2010 when it was just Nick.

    I’ll remain anonymous, but I met you guys at NAB this year too.

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