Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 63: “In my day, we rendered uphill both ways.”

May 22, 2017 - By 

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In this episode, the guys talk about learning, problem-solving skills, when to crack open the manual, and when to ask for help.

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  • Very helpful podcast. It’s about asking the right question to get the right answer.

  • Hello people at GSG!
    My name is Ezra and I’m a motion graphics artist here in Vancouver BC. and a part time instructor.

    I just listened to the rendering uphill podcast and you’ve described so many things that I’ve been using for the past years.

    When I started learning After effects, Afterlight clicking on every button I was going through the creative cow tutorials and I found one that I really liked the way he explained things, Aharon Rabinowitz. I even adopted some of his techniques when I’m teaching… it’s been really helpful.

    One one of my latest projects, I had to create a bunch of template files for a company so that they have an after effects animation inside premiere pro so the editors could replace the text only and not worry about the AE file.
    The request ended up involving some quite complex expressions which I was able to found some video explaining what he did. It wasn’t even a tutorial, but I was able to get a screenshot and read his expressions and modify them for my needs. In the end I had to go to the IT staff to help me out with the code as it wasn’t working as expected and I ran through everything I knew.
    This was an excellent learning for me as I learn new things about expressions that I had no idea you could do using different java scripts.

    Thanks for all your work and teachings… you are truly making the industry better.

    Best regards.

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