Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 66: “Practical vs. CGI and Why You Should Think Like a Filmmaker”

June 12, 2017 - By 

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In this episode, the crew talks about the value of understanding photography and live action. When should you pick up a camera and when you should pick up a mouse. Oh and stop putting so much DOF on everything.

Show Notes:

Willie Nelson Tape

Cineversity Presentations

GSG Gear Resources

GSG Connect

Amador Valenzuela and BlackBook Studios

Aaron Becker aka Filmograph


Learn how cameras work. C4D Tutorial

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  • great stuff guys just got my first cam…sony a7sii yes a tough decision against that 42 mp beast but wanted more video features…Im so excited to start shooting. Also I feel scene scale is one of those things new user don’t know much about Im still kinda confused about it…resizing object to be correct and all.

  • Good banter as ever guys, can’t believe Nick doesn’t know what a pack shot is! Here is a project I worked on blending 3D spirits bottles with photos of cocktails, I had a real job on my hands at the time convincing the accounts team that 3D was a better option for the bottles – check it out:

  • Loved this episode. Would be awesome to see the appliance commercial that Chad was talking about 😉

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