Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 78: “What Would You Tell Your Past Self?”

September 26, 2017 - By 

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Wish you had a time machine and could tell your past self to take that class or go on that trip? Or, are you contemplating a direction in your life right now that could be life-changing?

In this podcast, the crew discusses things they would tell their younger selves. Is it learning a skill, a language, or just taking time to see the world? What would you tell your younger self to learn or stick with?

Question the path. The Creative life is not the same for everyone.

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Macgyver metaphor episode 77
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  • (I wanted to post this BEFORE I listened to the episode to see if I change my mind after listening)

    The very first thing that comes to mind is that I’d tell my younger self to get into Motion Graphics much sooner than I did in my career. Starting in my late 30’s after several years of doing Print & Branding makes me feel like I missed out on a lot.

    I’d also have told myself to stop being a pansy and just move to New York or LA and get a job at a motion graphics studio. Florida’s motion graphics market isn’t all that amazing, especially for my passion (Title Design)

  • Hi Nick,
    I admire your journey in the 3D Grafic Scene and thanks a lot for your efforts on helping us out here. Let me just say a comment though to your padcasts:
    For my taste you make to many words before you get to the Point. I hope it does not discourage you but maybe other People think so too and you could improve in that sence. I find myself thinking: Nick – great,- but I will have to hear a to of stuff before he tells me the engenious Content, lot of “Kind of..” and so on. Please understand that this is a honest and respectful critic with one single aim–to help

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I recently joined this site and I love it.
    As a multimedia designer this makes so much sense because I’m one of those people who loves sitting inside my cave and learning new stuff instead of going out and meeting new people in the same field. Even when I’m taking classes I don’t communicate as much as I should because I’m too determined too focused on my own stuff.

  • Wow I haven’t watched any of your videos in a while, Nick as I’ve been focusing on working my day job but recently have got back into 3D. What an inspiring video. Thank you 🙂

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