Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 83 “Our Favorite Things We’ve Learned in Mograph”

November 1, 2017 - By 

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In this episode, we answer a bunch of questions including what are some of our favorite things we’ve learned in Mograph. We touch on just about everything on this one, including 3D tools, production strategies, and inspirational posters.

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Show Notes
Greyscalegorilla Live

Twitch Greyscalegorilla

Gorilla Guide To XP

Appear In

How to get Random Movement With Mograph And Cloners

After Effects Basic Comping for 3D

Advanced Softbody Tutorial

Houdini Video

Intro To Arnold With Chad Ashley

Coffee Cup From Chad Miir

Happy Toolbox Model Pack



√ Lukasz Pason :Do you guys record your audio separately and then sync it after the fact?

√ Michael Szalapski : Question: What is your favorite feature of the upcoming XP4?

√ Dave Glanz : so what’s up with x particles?

√ raidZer0 Q: What are you working on?

√ Billy Chitkin Q: What has been the favorite mograph-related thing you’ve learned? whether on a production job or in the process of developing a new GSG product, etc

√ Amador Valenzuela Q: For Chris, what is Blizzcon and why is that worth your time?

√ Neo3D Q: Will there be a more pro course available to join…. to get more into some workflows

NC17z When can we expect the release of the GSG Grunge Maps that I’ve heard Chad mention from time to time?

√ Tokyomegaplex any chance any of yall would be willing to give any details on starting to learn houdini? not sure how far any of you have gotten but v curious. i saw chad posting videos in the slack.

√ trevor kerr ACTUAL Q: Is C4D your native application, if not – what do you find its greatest strength/weakness compared against the competing DCC’s you’re familiar with?

√ //raidZer0 Q: is that twitch hoodie now fused to Chad’s body from usage?

√ NC17z Q: Do you have any additional plans to release Model Kits such as The Happy Tool Box?

√ Dave Glanz Q: Hardware Q: has anyone here set up a an external GPU case that holds more than one GPU?

√ Zacheray Long Question: Is Redshift more viable for photorealism than Octane

√ Jake Melara Q: How do you scope a 3D animation project?

√ Lukasz Pason Q: How did you overcome a time when you felt like you were downward spiraling in a project really felt like you weren’t doing your best?

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  • 20 minutes of useless chatter until you finally get to the podcast subject? Really?

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