Greyscalegorilla Podcast Ep. 86 “Good Money. Good Work. Good life balance. Pick two.”

November 28, 2017 - By 

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Life is short and we all know balance is the key to happiness. So how do you strike that balance and keep the important stuff from falling away?

In this Podcast, the group talks about freelancing vs going staff and finding balance and ultimately happiness in this crazy creative business.

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  • “It’s a time travel situation.” Hahaha Awesome words. Great conversation guys! Thanks for the insight.

  • The closer you get to retirement age the fight to stay relevant and employable gets exponentially more difficult. You need to look around at the staffers that are in place at the studios and agencies that you do work for. Not many folks in the 40+ age group unless you own the shop or are in the management elite. Senior staff make more money and require more in health benefits than the 20 something crowd.

    You guys at GSG helped me to get up to speed with C4D in a hurry when I found myself transitioning from Video production to a CG gig after the agency where I had been for more than 15 years flushed all of the grey beards.

  • First time listener, but now I’m looking forward to diving through past episodes. As a long-time freelancer/one-man studio, this episode gave me a lot to think about. I appreciate the candour you guys display. Existential crisis aside, this is a fantastic line of work to be in.


    PS. I can’t enter my website address in the box. It says the url is invalid.

  • What a brilliant podcast!
    Im at that this very exact point in my career right now.

    Designer of 20 years and came up through the whole transisition of ‘digital design’ from the Mac LC upwards.

    45 years of age and have adapted my whole skill set to fit in with todays design needs for both print and screen. Learnt about the business aspects, managed teams, project managed, direct client facing etc More so than a lot of seniors at agencies who are creative directors and not hands on with projects. Yet, I still find it difficult to get employed so have been freelancing for a number of years now.

    Now at a point where I want the stability and regularlity without the headache of managing the business aspects.

    Tough here in the UK too as we have a very, very saturated industry which doesnt pay too well.

    Fingers crossed I can find a solution.

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