Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Episode 3: To School or Not to School?

May 11, 2011 - By 

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Show Notes
Is Design School Actually Worth It?
Carbon Made
Chicago C4D

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  • Thanks for the info Nick!!! You are a G!!!! (everything good that starts with a G)

  • School is a great place to learn about art and design. I learned a lot from my professors. At the same time I learned a lot on my own after graduation.

    School is great place to socialize with other designers and also a nice place to pick up ladies! jk

  • School is a great place to size up your future competition and learn how to stay ahead of them.

  • On Monday I got to spend 3.5 hours with Mike Fink, the visual effects supervisor from X-men, Braveheart, Eraser, and most importantly GOLDEN COMPASS. It was phenomenal! There were 40 of us in the room and it allowed him to speak very openly and for us to ask questions. I, as a young artist, would never have an opportunity like that. Then he took time to critique student demo reels. That can’t happen when you are sitting at home.

    • Where’d this happen?

      • This was at Savannah College of Art and Design. We have many companies that come visit for recruitment. Mr. Fink was there because he is friends with Stuart Robertson who is a professor here as well as an academy award winning supervisor for What Dreams May Come. I am in the Visual Effects department and it is amazing. Most of our faculty members have worked on great visual effects films for years before they came to SCAD. Best of all, they genuinely care for their students and that comes across in their teaching and guidance.

  • I went to film school.
    I learned A LOT, and I’ve had a great career since.
    But.. I know a lot of classmates who graduated no better off (lack of drive or whatever) and these student loans will be a monkey on my back for a very very long time.

    • Bottom line.. School is Tool. Just like C4D or whatever. You can really make it work for you, but you’ve got to make it work.

    • Would you blame that on the school or those students?

      • Ayb Totoy Kamote May 11, 2011 at 6:16 pm

        I think if failure occur in a various situation, it has to be on the students…
        School give a standard and definite information
        about the theory and about the program it depends on the student how to explore and play things around.

      • It’s all about the student. Even if the school was crummy and worthless. You can tell if you’re getting a valuable education.

  • I work in Paris, I’m 25, I work since 2 years as motiondesigner, I start to have cool network, work on great projects and get payed nicely. I applied to hyperisland motiongraphics program, I’ve been accepted. I know I could expend my network and learn a lot over there but I’m hesitating because of the price.
    Do you think it’s be a good investment to go in this kind of program when i’m already into the market ?
    thanks for your advices

    • Ayb Totoy Kamote May 11, 2011 at 6:21 pm

      as “ASAF” commented a moment ago… “School is a great place to size up your future competition and learn how to stay ahead of them.”

      and it strengthen your competitiveness with other designers as well… 🙂

  • I Love the idea of making a podcast definitely because you can put it on your ipod/iphone and listen to it everywhere. Thanks!

  • Today technology / online / mobile is developing so fast, that no school or university can catch up with. Of course you need to learn the basics but what really takes you to the next level is working together with good Art and Creative Directors. You can’t really learn to be creative. You are or you are not. And there’s a huge difference between working on a school project and working at an agency on a real project for a real client with a tough deadline. So I think paying tenthousands of dollars for a design school is not worth it. It’s all about how much you’re dedicaded to what you’re doing, about talent and learning by doing. There is no shortcut to hard work.

    • Everybody is creative.
      A muscle that you can strengthen or let atrophy. To believe one is or is not is pretentious.

  • Hey Nick, I am just listening to this podcast, and I wish I could have heard this years ago! I am about to graduate and am finding what you are saying is totally true. I go to one of those schools where they teach the “go into your closet with just a lightbulb and film it”.”Be artsy” kind of thing, which I am not a fan of at all. Although, One really great thing that school has allowed me to do is internships. By far that has been my most beneficial thing I have done.There are a lot of business that will not allow you to do internships with you actually being in school. Also, a nice thing about school is they often have on campus jobs, for example I have worked for my university doing production work throughout my school year. Just my 2 cents. Loving the blog and podcast.

  • Thanks for this podcast. I recently enrolled in at Ex’pression College (for motion graphics) , and decided to take a break to figure out whether or not it was worth it. The way you said it was worth more than a piece of paper made me realize its completely worth it. Thanks a bunch man. I effing love your site btw.

    Amazing podcast, keep it up!

  • i have been to school for 3 years, had one of the best portfolio’s in my class with lots of hope(small class though). half a year later cant find work. know im finding it hard to motivate myself to continue to improve my showreel. i did like it in more school, it was a good environment for me, now im feeling i don’t know what to do

  • Dude, you sound like I felt before I got into 3D stuff. I went to art school for one year and did well, then I got drunk and stayed that way for about 8 years. I have no real advice but I feel bad for you. I know what ruts are like. Sites like this one are a constant inspiration for me. Something must have inspired you, you need to find it!

  • that was meant to be a reply to ad there..

  • Hey Nick,

    I will be starting at Ringling College as a motion design major. After I will be out of college I will be in debt 120,000 dollars. is it worth if you’ll be in debt that much after 4 years of school?

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