Greyscalegorilla Podcast Episode 44: Are You On The Right Career Path?

January 3, 2017 - By 

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In this episode, we talk a bit about the future of rendering including the upcoming Arnold GPU renderer. We chat about how to approach buying the right hardware for 3D animation. And, we talk about New Years Resolutions and how to make sure you are on the right career path.

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Show Notes

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Arnold GPU Render Image

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  • -what do you think will be the general development in 3d/c4d the upcoming decade? (hand-modeled objects in vr)(cad in c4d)?
    -can u recommend some tricks/techniques to keep on finishing started (noncommercial) projects and not loosing the interest/motivation too early?

    happy new year!

  • Do you think c4dtoA will ever get the thumbnail in the material editor that you get in vray and octane? I really like arnold’s end results, but the thumbnail has always been that niggly little thing in the back of my mind. Maybe they will one day move away from using xpresso as the node style and create a custom one…?

    • The material thumbnail is actually an instance of the Arnold renderer itself. If it had to render the material preview at the same time as your IPR, your IPR would be slower. I guess I’ve gotten used to using the IPR and isolating parts of my shader through the beauty output and don’t really miss the material swatch. Thanks for the comment!

  • So happy to see you guys pumping out these podcasts on a regular basis! Ever since Ash Thorp and team stopped The Collective Podcast I’ve been looking for a “main podcast” to listen to—you fellas have filled that void for me.

    I’d also love to hear your thoughts on BE.A’s question on finishing non-commercial projects. I’ve started so many personal projects that I’ve never finished…so many that I’ve lost count.

  • Hey gang!
    Long time listener, first time writer!
    Was wondering if you guys have heard of the Pixelberg plugin for C4D? Would love to hear your take on it in your show!
    Anyway keep up the awesome, inspiring work!
    Peace out!

  • What ever happened to Chris Smith Mocam that was announced at NAB2012?

  • Glad that my Hulkbuster render on SolidAngle’s twitter catched your attention 🙂
    Great podcast as usual.
    Probably a little bit dangerous to listen whilst riding my bike in London, but makes my 35 min cycling a lot funnier. Keep recording this stuff, is so great.

    I work in the vfx industry for films and haven’t had the chance to play much with GPU rendering but I’m definitely very interested on it. Will have to save some time to do some tests.


  • Thanks for not letting gsg fall by the wayside, and keeping this mammoth c4d resource up, running a current. This was a pretty fun podcast, a breathe of fresh air aside from the monotonous interview style podcasts out there. Keep up the good work ppl, a lot of people in the industry owe their careers to you guys and they dont even know it.

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