Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Episode 6: Promotion and Portfolio

May 27, 2011 - By 

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Green Towel
2004 Mograph.Net Contest and Winners Page
My Winning Entry for the Mograph Contest
Cargo Collective
Carbon Made
Behance Pro Site
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  • Hi Nick,

    I´m repeating myself, but so what: I like that you take your podcast really serious. You come up with interesting themes. You put yourself in the progress. To cut it short. I enjoy your podcast…

    Cheers Frank

  • Really liked your take on the “personal” vs.” “brand” when looking at starting a website. I went through that decision not too long ago and am quite glad I went with a “brand.” I think it’s easier for people to remember and to some degree I think it gives you more credibility than just being, you know? With so many people simply putting their name, I think a brand, if chosen right, can be more memorable. Thanks for a great podcast! Cheers.

  • awesome episode dude, so freakin helpful, been spending waay more time than i should on the business naming thing.

  • Wow that podcast is all about me few years back. I was also spending a lot of time building my first website, all that fancy flash animations, shiny buttons, preloaders. Yeah crazy 00′ years 🙂 (2000). Now after few years of full-time job I’m in that point again. Starting freelance for the second time. But this time instead of spending 6 months on learning “Macromedia Flash 5.0” I’ve made my site in 10 minutes, posted showreel on Vimeo, and picked great and unexpected nickname “motiondesigner” 🙂 Anyway good to hear, that I wasn’t alone back then in those rush for most-awesome-flash-website.

  • Hey Nick,

    I really like your podcasts. Somehow they are always about that specific topic I’m thinking about the most.

    Therefore they are always very helpful to me.

    Thank you Nick!

    Greets for Germany


  • Hi Nick! Thanks for this podcast, really interesting since I’ve just made my first reel and I’m gonna do my website soon.
    By the way, talking about does anybody know why I’ve registered almost 5 times now but they have never authorized me to post and after a couple of days I had to register again? This is odd and smells like oligarchy to me…cheers!

  • I’ve just created my new portfolio website, and just graduated Hyper Island, yesterday! Tell me what you guy’s think. I know that have to create a new showreel.

    • I think you should add a banner or logo or whatever in the top corner to get to the index 🙂
      otherwise great!

      • hey agger…
        You’re reel was good but i really liked your WIP “Shapes Play”. I wish it didn’t end so quickly.

        I’m actually working on my masters in 3D animation. My goal is to adapt graphic novels into narrative animation while staying true to the comics aesthetics…I noticed you had some character designs and that you used zbrush…I never heard of zbrush, is it worth trying?

        anyway, great work.

        • Thanks Frank, I’m not at all done with the shapes play, I will add more later, it’s sort of my playground-animation thing.

          If you have some illustration or sculpting background zbrush is the shit :), I only tried this program for like 4-5 days, and you saw what i can make, not really super high end, but still decent compared to my experience. I also tried mudbox, sort of the same, it’s much more easy but you don’t have that many options as zbrush. also zbrush has a go-zbrush-thing where you instantly can export you mesh to your 3d program (c4d, maya etc.) What I don’t know is how or if, you can make a normal-map so the models aren’t that hi-poly. But short, try it out, find some few introduction tutorials, or else you will get stuck, I did 😛

    • It don’t has to be a designed banner but you should at least put your name somewhere where it’s easy to read.

      Beside of that I like most of your work. What I wouldn’t show is the “zBrush stuff”. It’s not good enough to be shown on your portfolio. It’s weaker then the rest of your work. No offense here, just my opinion 🙂


  • hy
    how can i register on cargocollective ?

    • I believe you need an invite from someone who is already a member. But I have also heard some people have been granted a membership by emailing them and asking. Not completely sure though.

  • Great podcast Nick! Lots of great info in there. I remember a talk you did before about keeping your reel on the internet so people can have easy access to it. But when applying for a job in person, does it make sense to make a dvd demo reel, have a resume with a link to it, or is there a better way? Anybody with advice?


    • When somebody invites you for recruitment interview, then for sure they already seen you showreel, and they liked it. So in my opinion, simple DVD with just a MOV file and CV.pdf will be more than fine in those situations.

  • I’ve had a similar path Nick. Started off learning Macromedia Director first which ultimately got me into AE. For self promotion at the time back around 2001/2 I was making portfolio CD ROMs, then trying to build rubbish Flash sites, followed by basic html, CSS and now the latest version of my portfolio site with WordPress. Can’t say I love web design, but knowing the whole tech side of things (code, FTP, learning other related programs) has been a huge overall benefit saving a lot of time & money, learning about design & type, becoming web-savvy, knowing the business side of things, setting deadlines & sticking to them, that sort of thing. Not necessarily the stuff you’ll learn in tutorials either, ha!

    Andyweak, having some full length versions of pieces featured in your reel, other works in progress, brain farts and work which you can’t publish to show n’ tell on the day is always a good thing.

  • Again. Great episode.

    Lots of info.

  • Man, I really wish I had heard this three or four years ago. This is exactly what I have struggled with since I started. Everything from spending too much time trying to find a logo all the way down to making super flashy portfolio sites. The last Flash site I made took me 3 months to program because I was learning as I went. Then I realized that the site overpowered the work. I settled on Cargo Collective about 7 months ago because it forces me to just focus on my work and not worry about the site itself.

    Thanks again Nick!

  • Hey Nick,

    thanks for all the great content you provide.

    I used to live in NY where I worked as a Creative Director. I just moved to San Diego with my fiance’ and you’re posts have really inspired me to start giving back to the creative community.

    I always considered myself a lifelong student and now I’m realizing that my experience can really help the “one’s or two’s” who are just starting off.

    I’ve been hitting up communities on and been hanging out at local coffee shops. Anyway, this is just a thank you for hyping me up.

    frank luna

  • Hi Nick! Hi Guys!

    This podcast is really touching my dilemmas at the moment. Thanks Nick for making it a bit simpler now:)

    By the way.
    I’d like you to ask something…

    I’m freelancing about two years now. Many stuff. Photography, retouching, image design, print design, 3D, arch viz, motion graphics, websites, coding, flash, js, and everything else what’s sucking me in. Check it out on

    At the moment my brand is more like person guy brand DOMINIK BANASIK, but the url is
    I’m pretty certain that i want to grow and build up something more and hide myself behind the brand without my name. My problem and my question is.

    Is DELAY a good name for graphic studio?

    I’m non english spoken person so it is quite hard to me determining the word emotional overtone or sth. It started being my nickname along time ago when i was more into music – fruity loops/cubase/sound forge and stuff. Now it feels to me like shot in the foot.

    I can’t make up my mind now whether to stick to dElay (i’m kind of recognizable with it) or think of sth new and start from scratch with totally new brand but old/updated folio on new site.

    If you guys have a thought please share it:)

    • The name is short and catchy and the URL is pretty nice. The word is looking good. The biggest problem with “delay” is that one might think you are always late with your work. On the other hand its stupid to think this is the reason you picked the name. So long story short: I would use it if you like it.

      Another thought: if your are known as Dominik Banasik why you don’t wanna keep it?

      Best regards,

      • I like the name! I had some issues with your site though. I clicked on your site to see your work. It took very long to load up the main page. Then, when I got there, you made me “Enter” the site to see more. Make it easier for people to see your work will less clicks. The site should start after the skip intro section. Your animation work is pretty good, but I think your site is a good example how flash can be too much for portfolio sites.

        • Thanks guys for your opinion!

          “The biggest problem with “delay” is that one might think you are always late with your work.”

          Hey! -that’s my biggest concern as well. Can this name discourage a bigger brand from picking me for the job? There are so many factors that can influence someones decision… This is driving me nuts 🙂

          I agree with what Nick said – your work should defend yourself by it self – by its quality and creativity and stuff but yet still…

          I don’t want to keep it as Dominik Banasik because i am thinking more and more about hiring one or two guys who could help me with the projects which are getting too big and wide just for one man. I want them to be proud of being part of the brand/team rather than working under my name.

          Thanks for looking at my site. Hmm that sounds pretty strange. Swf file is about 150KB, 66thumbs x 10KB each give about 700KB more. All that together loads in less than 2 seconds on my DSL.
          Yeah i am a big fan of keeping things as simple as possible but believe me that at the time i made it, it really was. 2008 was glory time of flash / FWA and never ending preloaders. Please take note that at that time the biggest interest i had in websites and i had none in portfolio to show so mine was kind of the one which could convince people. I know it’s bad now. I didn’t update it for a YEAR now. As said above i’m thinking about new HTML/CSS with some gentle jQuery touches.
          Still hesitating about sticking to dElay though 🙂

          Anyway thanks for your thoughts guys!

  • Update:

    I like how it is working on your site. It’s obvious that I am visiting “” and at the same time I can see that it is you representing it. Nice stuff over there. Looks good. Site seems to be a bit slow here and there but its looking impressive.

  • Great and useful tips Nick. Glad I came across this site. Nice metaphor about being “a guy on an island”. I think I’m hovering in that area right now, but starting to build a few bridges.

    Thanks for the motivational words.

  • Great posts lately, Nick, thanks! The idea of branding oneself is a little irksome to me for some reason. I realize of course that we’re talking about crafting an image of ourselves that will appeal to other people who will pay us. I guess the idea of branding just diminishes what we’re doing a little and places the emphasis on getting the gig. Also, I think mostly what we’re doing is trying to impress each other. I think getting jobs often has more to do with whether people like to work with you and whether they think you’ll create good work for them.

  • i had a question regarding cinema 4d, is it really worth to upgrade every year when a new version or some additional features come out. i was looking at the prices they seem pretty steep.

  • Great pod cast Nick! Very helpful since I’ve just started to construct my website. Thanks!

  • Hi Nick, Thanks for another excellent talk, and for letting me know that I don’t have to know website design. I’d always considered it sort of part of the ‘package’ (illustrator, PS, AE, etc) but hated it!

  • Damn! looks like I did everything wrong.

    Used my own name, and spent too much time on my website…

    Like the podcast, keep it up!

  • here’s the link from mograph a few months back that nick referred to:

  • Hi Nick,
    Very interesting, I agree with everything although back in the days, you had to have a site that was visualy different from others.

    Cargo / Behance encourages all the sites to basicaly look the same (until now). Customising those templates is still not so easy or flexible.
    I 100% agree that it should remain a frame for the work, but if it is possible to fit the style of both frame and works…

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