Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Episode 9: OFFF Overview and Fixing Sinks

June 16, 2011 - By 

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Show Notes
ISO 50
James White
No Pattern

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  • Can’t wait for those bundles!!

  • less podcasts, more tutorials!

  • The part about You and photography sound JUUUUST like me. I love to go walk around town and take photos and take them home and murder them in Photoshop. I love it! But I’m not a paid photographer. When You said “That stress was crazy” I was like He knows me! Haha! Great stuff Nick! 🙂

  • Nice! It would be great if you’d upload your resentation in Barcelona, it was really useful!

  • The gallery page feature lots of sphere, striped sphere and coffee cup !

    Kinda seem the exact same tool with more light type (such as “discharge tube” wich im sure you remember from a gsg tut).

  • Hello Nick,

    i also watched your presentation at OFFF, even took some pictures with your CROSS PROCES app (if you what them drop me a line) had a great time, i think you connected with a lot of people there. The way the buisnes works and the human philosofy of why we do the stuff we do, very eye opening!

    I heard you liked to watch and hear about other peoples creative proces and how they do stuff! well you missed our presentation on thursday but it will be online soon at the offf website

    but if you want a sneak peak :

    The presentation is filled with movies i shot the last 3 weeks before the event, specialy made for the event to visualize our procces. It has some “sink and piping” stuff in there to 🙂

  • coming to OFFF was the best choice i’ve made so far. had a great time with you and the other guys…. hope we meet again..maybe in chicago…or…at HALIFAX!

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