Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Half Rez, Cold Showers, And Why It’s Been So Long

September 26, 2012 - By 

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  • Really interesting! Thanks!

  • Thanks Nick. it was another inspirational speech.

  • Thanks for answering my question Nick! Sitting here enjoying a salad and water today. The Taco Bell next to my work is gonna go out of business now.

  • Thanks, Nick. Great Show. Anyone you recommend in Chicago for AfterEffects training?

  • Hey, guys how do you watch his podcasts live?

  • yeah why did it took so long.. considering its just HALF RES!.
    i know ill keep it to my self nextime.

  • Hmm flopcast

  • This was a great listen Nick!
    Are there any resources you know of to help connect with local motion artists?

  • Hey Nick!

    Got the same back problems some years ago.. while it was worst I tried the standing desk (while my studies) and for me it worked well.. I also still got and use my yoga ball (unfortunately only at home, not in the office) and i like it. But the most helpfull thing for a healthy back in our office job is workout I guess… Since I do some exercises especially for the back every week once or twice I never got problems again. When I don’t do them for some weeks I feel my back again… Guess this is what keeps me doin’ this exercises 😀

    It’s really easy, about 5-10min of workout 1 to 2 times a week (when you start doing it, perhaps you should do it every day), a little rowing now and then and the back is fine.

    And you’re SO RIGHT concerning the key commands thing with adobe products 😀

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