Greyscalegorilla Podcast: How To Deal With Procrastination In Creative Work

December 20, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, we talk about Procrastination and how to deal it with work and personal projects. Also, chad unboxes his new Google Pixel phone.

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Show Notes
HDRI Studio Rig Update
HDRI Link Teaser Video
Vray 3.4
Neat video De-Noiser
Tomato Timer
Just Do It
Google Pixel

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  • One technique for breaking through procrastination is to find the very next simplified action step you need to do for a project, and do it. Like you were saying in the podcast, people get overwhelmed and exhausted thinking about the scope of the large project as a whole, and all the tasks they need to do to get it done, which keeps them from starting it in the first place. But if you break it down into smaller pieces, and tell yourself that you’ll just start on the first next small piece. Worst case, you’re one small step closer to completing the task. But more often than not (like the example you gave of putting on your shoes), you’ll find that you’ll keep going and accomplish even more than you expected. But breaking it down into the next small action really helps. And always keep moving. Never stand still!

  • I usually reverse procrastinate, I work in order to avoid doing chores or going to banks and stuff, even though after really getting into 3D I haven’t actually procrastinated, since even single frames will take me like 3-4 days to render and by the time one finishes I want to do nothing but go back into cinema 😛

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