Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Hyper Island Presentation “Following Obsession”

September 8, 2011 - By 

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For this episode of the GSG podcast I wanted to post a recent talk I gave at Hyper Island in Sweden.

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  • Hi ,

    Good speech , just wondering why Hyper Island is so expensive? Are their scholarships / subsidised entry from the government of Sweden? Does Hyper Island just teach what is cool now rather than creating a long term artisic taste?

    Triangles and Grain might be cool now … but what about the future ?

  • Oh, cool, I was waiting for that.
    Listening to it right now!

  • I’ve been considering the Hyper Island motion graphics program for a while now. Similar to your past, my design fundamentals are lacking/non-existant. In your opinion, would the program at Hyper Island allow me to gain these fundamentals as I go, or will I get my ass kicked if I go into that program without improving my composition skills first?

    • Hey! Im a student from digital media and my answer to you is that hyper island is a group environment and even if someone is better then you or opposite you learn from each other and whats not the best to have great people to learn from around you the whole days. also the internship you will work so hard for to get is probably one of the best agencies in the world. and the teachers are people from all over the world. they call it no teachers but its people from agencies coming over to you guys and learn you how it works in the real life.


  • great talk. my creative journey is a bit abstract like yours, including legos. i use to think awesome designers were born that way, so hearing that creativity can be improved with hard work is very encouraging. 🙂

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