Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Jobs To Be Done, Textures, and Adult Deadlines

October 12, 2012 - By 

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TOPIC: Jobs To Be Done, Textures, and Adult Deadlines

Show Notes
Pomodoro Technique
Mike Rowe Interview
Job To Be Done: The hiring and firing of milkshakes and candy bars
Texture Kit

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  • you going to do some Uv unwraps tuts?
    or any thing with Body paint.

  • You speak about distractions…. I think your blog has become my distraction lol. Definitely a positive thing though.

    “finish each others sandwiches…. sentences…”. Made me laugh haha 😀

  • I found your podcast the other day and listened to every episode already. Its been SO incredibly encouraging and helped me work through some every day design and life thinking issues. I love it.
    I’m currently a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art & Design, working on my motion graphics degree. I listened to your podcast today about college and basically the pros and cons… I’ve been having this conversation with myself and my friends for months. I can’t figure out if I’m wasting SO much money that I’ll be drowned in debt when I graduate, or if this is the best way to get where I want to go… I know I want to do motion graphics. I have been very familiar with after effects and similar applications for several years, so this isn’t a new career field for me. I’ve also freelanced on the side… I’m torn. So, I just wanted to thank you for your insights about college and everything else you talk about – I especially love to hear your sources (other podcasts, design firms, tutorial sites etc).

    My question for you is:
    If I drop out of school, or slow my education down by transferring to a local community college or online school, how can I get INTO the industry of motion design? I always thought the design companies required a degree in media.. What would you recommend for me to do, in order to get into the industry as soon as I can?

    Thanks for all you do!

  • adult deadline… its sound like an adult thing if you know what i mean

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