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November 3, 2011 - By 

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Gnomon School
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  • miss your podcasts, longtime no podcast!

  • great talk! i finished college last December and while the actual degree isn’t that important to me, the experience i got from my professors and colleagues was immensely useful. that was worth the money alone, along side the self discovery. though i didn’t really get a grip on where i really wanted to go until after school, i can’t discard the fact that school made so much of what i know and do today possible.

  • Great stuff as usual. Thanks for the Podcast! By the way, is the system you’re using for your Podcast a WordPress plugin? I’ve seen this player on several Websites and been wanting to start Podcasts but can’t seem to find the name of the plugin, if it is one.

    If anyone could nudge me in the right direction it would be really appreciated.

  • Hi Niick,where are the 2 lasst episodes before this ?i can’t find them on the blog and itunes page.

  • Nick you are my biggest inspiration and you always talk about what i have in mind everyday and answer really difficult questions i have in my life thank you man.

  • hey nick this is my first time here I wanna thank you for bring up this topic i love these kinda stuff filing,vfx,and etc. I live in a country name Guyana not sure if u know where that is any way I’m planning to go filming school next year in the USA cos i luv filming cos my country don’t have these kind of school like the us have i learn stuff mostly from the internet i never go to high school bcos of finance any i wood like some advice from you and the gsg team

  • I did board repair on pinball machines and video games for a local mom and pop company. Of course I had to check it out to make sure it worked. LOL

  • Hei Nick, this is one is fun! I’ve been into C4D and also in pinballs for quite a long time..,
    Whatch out, as you know it, both things can become an obsession…, I started getting a second hand pinball some years ago, and I ended up having 5 at home (buy/sell), I even built my own visual pinball cabinet… Now I only keep my completely restored Williams Indiana Jones, and starting to build a new computer cabinet one… in this case, 3D skills can be usefull to do so, jeje!

    I recommend you watching these videos about the industry, creators and stuff:

    dude!, really lucky for you, please go and visit STERN factory, the last pinball maker on earth, just around the corner!, it’s amazing to see the process chain work to make pinballs completely handmade, they hired the best remaining designers:

    Here’s an idea: what about a 5 second project about pinballs, or even better, a tutorial on pinball, imagine a bumper/ball simulation, or how to model a cabinet…!

    thanks nick for your enthusiasm, great tutorials and keep learning and having fun of little obsessions…

  • Hello nich grat tutoiral i used what you said and i also cloned the lights inside the text and changed the colors and got a really nice disco look along with glogal illumination and toned the lights down in Photoshop CS5 and it turned out great, Thanks for the tutorial:)

  • Oops i spelt Nick wrong sorry about that

  • Hey Nick! I’m waiting for a new episode! Keep it up! By the way, can you put the RSS link to the podcast somewhere because not everybody use iTunes…thanks!

  • Man you mentioned GNOMON!!! Those guys rock!!!

  • I got a lot out of community college. In Minnesota, the state pays half your tuition.
    It helped to give me a low cost crash course in all the different aspects of design. I found the rigorous class critiques and interaction to be invaluable.
    I definitely re-defined my life goals while in school, having started interested in Flash, and ended up interested in After Effects and C4D.
    I complimented all of my class lessons with online tutorials, I think it’s really important to give yourself enough time to really, really focus on where your passions lie.

  • Thanks, I enjoyed this.

    Correct me if I’m wrong:

    If you go to a potential employer and say “I’ve studied xyz software packages at college for 3/4 years” then you are not just saying you have these skills, but also that you are pretty badly in debt, ie desperate.


  • PS We have a CC *blank* Gorilla if you want to try it ever. I don’t know if the rig will open in C4D but the mesh probably will.
    There were (meatspace) painted gorillas placed all over our city one year, the idea with ours was to ‘paint-your-own’.

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