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October 18, 2012 - By 

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TOPIC: Obsessing over things and what that might do to your career.

Show Notes
Chicago Pinball Expo
Rolladium Skating Center
E-Swat Does NOT hold up

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  • My favorite story of obsession and it’s side effects:

  • Hi Nick, nice story. Was listening while sitting in train and smiling all the time.

  • Hey Nick,
    Hope Wheeling treated you well. That’s where I grew up!

  • Nick,

    How many obsessions do you find you can manage? Obviously, you couldn’t ignore everything else while you were gettin your pinball on.

  • Hey Nick, first podcast of yours that I’ve listened to.

    Nice one man, was a really cool topic and a great way to talk about it.

    Mike 🙂

  • hi nick,

    this is the best greyscalegorilla post of all time. the lesson is priceless:

    find your obsession and pursue this till it becomes your livelihood.

  • Thanks for getting back to podcasting Nick! I like how you almost never try to find simple answers to complex questions. That approach to your subjects feels honest and motivating. Keep it up!

  • Hi nick!
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how one would go about starting up their own studio, from scratch. I’ve heard a lot of your tips and tricks for those who are already up and running, and they’re great!
    Now id love to know what (in your opinion) is required to get started. Especially for those of us who are starting off as solo freelancers, and perhaps don’t have a small fortune readily available to launch a big new brand 🙂
    Love your work as always

      “Nick, Can you share a couple ideas about starting a new studio free lance biz? What would YOU do ???”
      a still learning VFX artist in L.A.

  • I respect your work and commitment to community so i value your opinion regarding like matters. Today the new imac came out and i was wondering your thoughts of how it will run c4d/after effects etc compared to previous model. i felt at the conference that they overlooked this and was wondering based on specs what you thought?

  • Hello NICK!
    Look this Video
    can u make a tut please?
    Greetings from Germany

    P.S.: We love ya ^^

  • The audio seems to be disconnected. I’d love to hear it, but when it opens, the speaker icon is slashed and the play button won’t initiate the podcast.

  • I would like to know if its possible to animate light into text with Cinema 4D. Im not sure where else to ask this on this site or blog.



  • Hey Nick!

    In the last weeks I listen to every single podcast of your site and there’s not a single one from which I didn’t learn something new or got some new ideas or perspectives of. They are always great to listen to, even at the office.. 😉



  • Muchas Gracias Nic! Por compartir 🙂

  • my Obsession 🙂

    I hope to meet you one day in person, im in the Chicago area “Berwyn” :).

  • Wow, I wish that I made friends with the arena management. You are describing my childhood. I wanted to play Gauntlet all the time but instead I just had to practice my figure skating dance routine with my sister…We seem to have a similar life path, including obsessiveness. Thanks for the links to these podcasts.

  • Nice Nick! Thank you for inspiring us today.

  • this is an old one but it was really worth it listening to it again.

  • Nick you are a star,
    You GSG guys have inspired so much for us here in the UK
    We are building the Mayflower ship in readiness for the 400th anniversary (of the landing of the Pilgrim fathers)
    To assist the shipwrights I have been building the Mayflower based on our naval architects drawings – with C4D – this is an international project – please look at etc
    looking at Topcoat and our other ground-breaking tools you guys will help us deliver the Mayflower ship to the USA in 2020. You chaps are brilliant – please drop us a line as I think you may play a massive part of our project – Thank you for so many brilliant tutorials – from the United Kingdom

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