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October 5, 2012 - By 

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The Creative Gap: Becoming Better Than Most
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  • totally relating ..first time i experience this creative gap i felt like my best work was a crap compared to the original
    here is my work
    i know you know where to find the original work.
    and still the original looks way better i actually remade this 3 times so i can catch up to the original..
    alot of sketching…alot of concepting.. alot of planning
    and you know what i ended up learning tricks i on my own.

  • Always love hearing about your own procrastination. I was feeling the same way for a few weeks so I forced myself into weekly experiments as well.

    Have any new GSG products in the works?

    Thanks again for your commitment Nick. Inspirational as always.

  • im still listening but i had a quick question…you recommended a solid state drive…but from what i heard they tend to be unreliable. Like…they dont last nearly as long as a normal hdd….they are more likely to fail out of the blue…..or get bad ones straight from the factory…etc. How has your experience been besides the speed increase?
    TY for any response…..
    Shadownian/Adam D

  • One other comment….as far as getting better/successful….i believe my main issue is not being able to do something exactly…like if i find a tutorial here or on videocopilot or youtube etc….I can follow it and take everything in without a problem. My two issue are 1….If i learn something one day…unless im continually using it…ill forget it and have to look up the tutorial etc to learn it again. 2…I have a hard time coming up with concepts. It seems that whatever I may come up with has already been done before and better. So it can be quite disheartening.
    Also…to do something along these lines for a living…not over the internet…but an actual workplace in the real world…from what ive seen employers wont even take a second look at you without having actual degrees in the field. Not to mention..theres always somebody better than you…lol
    So again…i love to do 3d modelling…and i believe ive gotten better, especially thanx to you…but it is disheartening..especially when most of the people I see who are better than i am got into it alot younger. They were brought up with this kind of thing…so its second nature. Myself…being 34…i didnt have my first pc till i was around 18-20 and it was a 233mhz pc…lol. So i always feel like im a day late and a dollar short…lol

    Anyway ive rambled enough…lol.

    My youtube…if anyone cares to look…

    Thanx again for all you do.

    Shadownian/Adam D

  • Can you recommend some (audio) books that relate in some way to creative fields since you listen to so many?

  • Hey Nick, I’m from Brazil, and I’m very pleased to see the things that you do and mostly for the passion that you put in it. Keep on doing what you like.
    I’m constantly looking foward to see what’s gonna come up next in your blog, and I also look into the older files to get the most of your tutorials.

    Best regards,

  • Very inspiring talk!

    I am just a junior in school and I have felt I have experienced a lot of what you were talking about with breaking the creative gab and learning what truly makes you happy within your career.


  • Man this is truly inspiring to hear your thoughts on things nick, Especially that people mean a whole lot more to you than work. Pretty cool man pretty cool. keep on blasting out these podcasts, just like how leo laporte is to you man, you are to me. Looking foward to the next one Nick!

    Cheers Bro!

  • More podcasts please. They keep me sane when I’m not animating in the office 🙂

  • Hey Nick!

    Your Podcast really was cool to listen to! You always make me think about things I never thought of before! Very inspiring and really helpful.

    Like Robo before, I would be interested in some podcasts or audio books you listen to (related to art/design/animation/artist/film/photography or any other cool stuff), too. I always have my mp3-player with me and often thought about to listen to such things, but never started 😉

    Thx for that one! You’re always motivating me to go an and get better!

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