Greyscalegorilla Podcast: The Worst In The Room

December 14, 2012 - By 

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TOPIC: Surrounding yourself with great designers. Soft Skills.

Show Notes
New Greyscalegorilla Tutorials Page
Talking About The Soft Skills
Five Second Projects
A General Theory of Creative Relativity
Booking Bands
Sketching More
Happy Holidays!

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  • This podcasts are always AWESOME! You could invite someone to participate with… it would be interesting, like you said some podcasts before, someone in your professional circle.

  • Tutorial page is AWESOME! No more scrolling back through the blog for older tutorials. Thanks Nick!

  • nick what is GSG with out the blog…..meaning what do you do @ office other than making tuts for the site do you like do work for client tv broadcast an…etc sorry nick i had to ask that ?????

  • I really liked new Tutorial page! Now it is much more easier to learn something new, thanks Nick!

  • I’ve been searching for a long time for good solid motion graphics + Graphic design forums. And i’ve never found any good ones before. Could anybody provide me with some links? Would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Love this podcast so much. I’m one of those self-taught people. Through listening to the podcast, I’ve began to reflect on my own skill set more deeply. I would like to get more into typography, kerning and color theory being that those are some of my weaker areas.

    Would anyone have any good books/resources to recommend outside of taking a college class?

    Thanks! Here’s to making stuff more beautiful!

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