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February 7, 2013 - By 

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TOPIC: How to ask Why, Making better tutorials, and when to stop working on current personal projects and start up the next one.

Show Notes
Total Training
Base 80
Tim Clapham
Neutral Podcast
Dual Clutch Transmissions – Explained
My First Mac
Mac Pro Rumors
Candy Hearts Five Second Project
Cheeseburger Headlight

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  • Nice one, as always.
    Although dual clutch transmission cars are produced by almost every European car manufacturer, Volkswagen Group (VW, Audi, Seat, etc.), BMW, Alfa, etc. since 2006! Maybe UPS can ship you a EU version if they don’t sell them with DSG in the US. I wonder what they will charge for that… 😉

  • happy birthday Nick 🙂

  • Hey, Nick!
    Your work is the reason i play with Cinema today. Thank’s for inspiration, really.
    Btw, what do u think about Vray on C4D?

  • thanks Nick, any chance you and Monson will make some more music together? Really enjoyed it.

  • The internet is the future of education:

    Going to be like the beginning of Star Trek where Spock is a child learning in a little pod thing.

    • Also reply to apple fazing out pro-machines:

      Final Cut is going to be fazed out anyways so they are starting to sell to the pro-sumer. After Effects and Premier are basically going to combine to make a ‘Smoke’ like system editor so Final Cut is going to be useless without the functionality of after effects. With all videos now of days needing graphic/more ‘designed’ videos there is no point in having just an editing system.

      • I do not understand how Final Cut is being Fazed away. If anything the new Final Cut X is AMAZING! It runs circles around the old Final Cut. Yes they had a rough update but which program has not when they do a full overhaul. 🙂

      • My previous comment I meant to say “I believe” Final Cut X runs circles around the old Final Cut. I was very upset when the new version of Final Cut Cut X came out. But after giving it some time to mature and further update I am now in love with it and I have been using Final Cut since version 1. But as they say in our business “To each their own” use what makes you happy. But, I really doubt Final Cut is going anywhere. 🙂

  • Hey Nick.
    Nice Podcast. Thank you for that.
    It’s funny, first thing i thought when i saw the candy hearts image was “how the hell did he do that texture?” and spent 2 full days on it to recreate this picture. I don’t got even close. Then i googled “candy hearts” on the image search. It proves: Nick Cambell is only human! 😉
    Can you show us your results? Or better a tutorial?
    Belated Happy Birthday! jr

  • Awesome podcast, as usual!

  • Ok…first I want to say I love this site and it has helped me immensely. I also dont mind these podcasts…they can get a bit long but not a big deal.


    I keep looking back to see if there is anything new and all ive been seeing lately is podcasts or these 5 second contests….which personally i dont get. Most of the winners ive seen seem to be this kind of south park paper look….or some sort of cartoon animations….which is fine…but this is a site for 3d modelling right?!? lol Unless you can achieve these effects within cinema and I just dont know it…in which case covering how to do these kind of things…like the paper look…might be a good subject for a new tutorial.

    Idk….maybe im just splitting hairs here…or im just tired atm…lol….but I look to this site to keep me inspired…to give me new ideas and help me look at this amazing piece of software in a new way. Its just been so long since something here has inspired me or had me wanting to learn something…i havent touched C4D in a while now.

    Again…love the site…love Nick….just wish he would maybe 4get about all this…more…side stuff…and put up some great new tutorial. Which thinking of it….R14 has been out for a while now…how about something on the sculpting side of cinema…just a thought.

    Again…dont mean to sound negative or ungrateful…just my thoughts….

  • Hey Nick,

    first of all a belated Happy Birthday from Germany. Hope you enjoyed your party!

    And now let me say: A great podcast from you (i already subscribed to it on iTunes) and i must say i never got the hang of podcasts by now, just sitting there and listening to someone speak. Until now, i found myself listening to you while playing around with C4D (made my coffee pot thing today 🙂 ) and suddenly the podcast was over and i didn’t even realized that i was (more or less) carefully listening to you all the time.

    Well, that about me now beginning to listen to podcast because of you.

    Another thing: You said that your first tutorials where the VHS bought from Total Training, and that they screwed up on how you think (ant want) Tutorials to be. Not only explaining “…put 20 in there, make a new shape, put 4 in this field… ” an so on, but also explaining WHY you have to put these values in there or WHY you take this tool instead of that. Well, thats the exact same thing the tutorials from you (AND Chris! a big thanks to Chris here from me, he’s doing a great job. And you both but the modelling and texturing/rendering to a whole new level for me) changed my point of view about tutorials and how they should be. I even tend to say: If i don’t know how something works, and i can’t figure it out by myself AND it’s not on GSG, then i have to wait until you put a tutorial about it online, otherwise i won’t get the grip on it about it…

    So, from my point of view you carried on the spirit of the tutorials that you watched when you were a student and now, as a tutor, followed the great path of exellent tutorials… (…Sounds like a little teen girl writing to her favorite band, isn’t it? 😉 )…

    Well, thats from my site. Thanks again for the great potcasts and all these great tutorials (and also for the great kits, which i’m looking forward to buy… Just have to save some money to afford it… 😉 )


  • hi nick. happy birth day !!!
    you changed my life totally. thank you for everything.

  • Nick and Chris, I can say that I learned C4D with you two. And just for the reason that you, Nick, spoke with such vehemence in the podcast: you two know how to teach.

    Even though I am Brazilian and being so far away, I learn with you always.

  • I recently built a hackintosh computer. Just buy PC components from a list of parts that should work together, built it and install Mountain Lion.

    That way you can get a fast machine every 2 years that runs MAC OS. So far only had one frozen system when switching accounts.

  • Nick,

    I’m the “very young looking kid” (I know I look 16 but I’m in my 20’s I promise haha) whose video you chose to watch on DCT’s and post here for your followers.

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing my video, glad you could learn from it! Let me know if you are ever confused about an automotive topic; I’ll do my best to clarify it for you.



    • Awesome! Thanks for saying hi, Jason. You look 20 something. I’m just an old 30 something, so you look young. 🙂

      Thanks for all the great videos. The world needs more teachers like you.


  • Hey, good information here Nick, great timing, I needed that.

  • Hi Guys.. Happy New Year ! I Just finished this piece. Hope to get some advices :)) Thanks

  • Hello Nick and thank you for the awesome podcast. I agree 100% on the cloud computing scenario for processing power. Especially when we see Google working on the ultra fast internet. We would then only need an Apple TV and a super fast connection. 🙂

    I believe a new Mac Pro will come out soon, rumor has it in spring. Apple has been pretty busy with new releases and updates plus the addition of Steve Jobs death. Being that the consumer market is bigger I can understand how they would focus on the consumer products first. True professionals as yourself are known to be patient and still kick butt on their work! 🙂

    Thank you Nick for all your hard work and have an amazing day!

  • Great podcasts as always! I’m awfully curious though how I can start doing my own thing and not worry about income. Like how do you get grants at all? or selling an idea to a big brand? those would be the things I’d definitely be interested in hearing from the gorilla.

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