GSG Podcast 47: Mentors, Learning by Example, and Seeking Input on your Work.

January 24, 2017 - By 

In this episode, we discuss Mentors, Learning by Example, and Seeking Input on your Work.

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Show Notes

Greyscalegorilla Tshirts
Whiplash Movie

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  • What could the mystery shirts be?

  • will the lego-robot be a ‘transformer’ ?!
    mentally yours…

  • hi guys, I dig this podcasts so much, just to let you know, there are several people from countries where the motion graphic industry is not so strong and the only way we can keep up to date with this craft is by listening to you guys, thanks again and if you allow me, I would love you to talk about the motion graphics industry, what are the diferent roles and anything to learn more about the industry since many like me, did not have the advantage to go to animation school, I’m a self tought designer/motion graphics who would like to know how to get into the industry in a profesional way.

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