GSG Podcast Ep. 48: GSG Blog Anniversary, Favorite Tutorials, Dynamics, and Render Wars

January 30, 2017 - By 

In this episode, we celebrate the GSG blog’s 9 year anniversary by choosing our favorite tutorials throughout the year. We also discuss the latest news in the “Render Wars”

This is not Episode 49 as Chad said, it’s actually 48. Sorry!

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Show Notes


Greyscalegorilla Tshirts
Play cube puzzle
Microphone Tutorial
Cherry 7up Original Video
Cherry 7up Tutorial GSG
Garage Door
Robot walking Tutorial
Arnold License Price Change
Pixel Plow
Figet Toy

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  • The old tuts were ahead of their time and quality was what made GSG so popular back then when not many C4D tuts were available. Then having guests like Simon Holmedal and Mike the Monkey back then….ooohhhhh, that was just mind blowing. The when Chris joined GSG you found the perfect combo as he’d do cool technical stuff and you’d make it look great as one would expect you to.
    But hey Nick, no offence, ever since you quit the “I am the gorilla” motto, some magic has left GSG. I’m glad Chad has joined you guys, since the content he provides is always interesting. Big up to Eyedesyn too…
    but let’s be frank: if you did a cool glossy sphere project/tut now and then just to remind everyone what the deal is, believe me, no one would mind!!

  • T-shirt link is messed up….

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