GSG Podcast Episode 51: Make Mornings Suck Less

February 20, 2017 - By 

Hopefully, you’ve had your coffee. In this episode, we talk about our morning routines and the odd habits we’ve picked up that help us get our day started.

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Show Notes

Nick’s Color and Displacement tutorial
Spilt Studios
Colorado C4D Meetup

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  • nick finally looking like the gorilla again lol

  • Nick, I didn’t know you were coming to Denver or I would have been there for sure. I’ve lived in Boulder for the past 20 years, have been learning 3D and motion graphics for the past 18 months, and owe a lot of what I know (which isn’t a lot, yet) to GSG. Thanks! How can I find out when you’re headed this way next year?

  • Wanted to ask Chad it he will do a redshift tutorial / compare to Arnold.
    I am in the alpha but everytime I try redshift I am a bit overwhelmed with all the different GI settings for example. This is by the way why I never bought into octane and why I love Arnold.
    Another question, also for Chad, would you stay with Octane / Redshift if Arnold gets a GPU option on par with all of it’s current features?

    • Hi Christoph! Great question! I would say IF Arnold on GPU is fully featured and quick, then the only thing that would hold me back is its price. If they can release a competitively priced GPU renderer, it would most likely become my go-to. As for Redshift tutorials, yes I plan on doing some tuts as soon as it is released.

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