GSG Podcast Episode 51: Make Mornings Suck Less

February 20, 2017 - By 

Hopefully, you’ve had your coffee. In this episode, we talk about our morning routines and the odd habits we’ve picked up that help us get our day started.

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Show Notes

Nick’s Color and Displacement tutorial
Spilt Studios
Colorado C4D Meetup

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  • nick finally looking like the gorilla again lol

  • Nick, I didn’t know you were coming to Denver or I would have been there for sure. I’ve lived in Boulder for the past 20 years, have been learning 3D and motion graphics for the past 18 months, and owe a lot of what I know (which isn’t a lot, yet) to GSG. Thanks! How can I find out when you’re headed this way next year?

  • Wanted to ask Chad it he will do a redshift tutorial / compare to Arnold.
    I am in the alpha but everytime I try redshift I am a bit overwhelmed with all the different GI settings for example. This is by the way why I never bought into octane and why I love Arnold.
    Another question, also for Chad, would you stay with Octane / Redshift if Arnold gets a GPU option on par with all of it’s current features?

    • Hi Christoph! Great question! I would say IF Arnold on GPU is fully featured and quick, then the only thing that would hold me back is its price. If they can release a competitively priced GPU renderer, it would most likely become my go-to. As for Redshift tutorials, yes I plan on doing some tuts as soon as it is released.

  • Hi all,

    The video is on pause (so far very interesting, but then you guys always are), so I can slide this in before I forget.

    In talking about updating your tutorials, you mentioned how much things have changed. I am still using C4D R14, so your current tutorials work very well for me. Please, don’t forget that there are probably a lot of us who cannot afford to upgrade often and need those older tutorials.

    On a side not, I do wish that tutorials were labeled as to which version of C4D they apply to. I have Broadcast so anything that is strictly for Studio or mostly for Studio doesn’t work for me or others with either Prime or Broadcast. While it may be useful at some time to also watch those, often time is a factor in determining what to watch.

    Thanks for all you do!

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