GSG Podcast Episode 53: Interview with David Brodeur aka @lockedandloading

March 6, 2017 - By 


In this episode, we chat with frequent GSG collaborator and Instagram sensation David Brodeur. David shares with us how he got started in the industry as well as filling us in on what he’s been up to lately. Octane comes up a bit as it is David’s renderer of choice.

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Show Notes

David Brodeur on Instagram
David’s GSG Animation Course

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  • Thank you guys. Always love you.
    Sorry for interruption. Has anybody got ryzen yet? I just got ryzen 1700 and Asus b350 to change my Intel platform. But CINEMA 4D doesn’t work any more. When double click the CINEMA 4D icon, nothing happen, even a flash. Literally nothing. The only thing that I know is task manager shows the CINEMA 4D background process. It’s a disaster. Anybody knows what happened? Please help me:(

    It’s CINEMA 4D R18 on windows 10. Every other apps work fine, such as Adobe and maya. Just CINEMA 4D has some problem. I reinstall my windows 10 and still doesn’t work.?

  • Hey!
    Thanks for the podcast.

    I wonder what tutorial you guys are referring to that Chris did and gave David the inspiration for his stuff.


  • Great podcast.
    Quick question for David.
    What do you use for all the lovely surfaces ? World Machine, Substance, photo comps, other ?

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