GSG Podcast Episode 55: Daily Render Debate

March 20, 2017 - By 

In this episode, the group discusses recent “Daily Renders” trends and the dangers of chasing Likes vs growing your skill set.

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Show Notes

Correction: “Pollinate” was created by the studio Belief not Blind.

One a Day – Blog Post

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  • This was a fantastic debate guys.

  • +1 for having a great debate.

  • Hey GSG, here are my 2 cents…

    The concept of doing “dailies” was not created by Beeple. It was that Beeple was one of the first doing it in the mograph industry. This happens in a lot of other creative industries; painting, writing, comedy, coding, public speaking, basketball, doing make up and most anything that involves developing a skill. People such as Malcolm Gladwell have been recently promoting the 10,000 hours idea and doing a little everyday to get better at whatever it is you want to do – so I don’t see why its something to be hated for.

    Its been a known fact, as a youth, if you wanna be a better basketball player take your ball everywhere, to school, to the store to church, everywhere. Practice everyday. C’mon Chicago guys y’all should know this.

    This is also not specific to Cinema 4D when it comes to computer graphics. If you look around, you will see tons of half-sculpted Z-brush clay renders, matte-paintings, animation tests, simulation tests – none of which are Cinema 4D.

    @Chad, you had the strongest opinion against them. I totally see where you are coming from, as a seasoned vet in the business it looks weird seeing all these half-done pieces out in the wild, searching for likes. This is how “likes” helps me personally: If I put out a render and the likes are low, it means that the image didn’t convey the story correctly, or it was shit. So I use the “likes” as sort of a VERY LOOSE focus group. We also live in a culture of Likes, hence there are so many kid photos and cats on my Facebook and social feeds.

    @Chris I personally try a new technique, or expand on a existing technique for every personal render. Sometimes, a metaball blob pops out because the focus of the day was not modelling, maybe it was perfecting a SSS material I have been working.

    @Nick Take your ass back into the office and make some cool stuff man…

    There are a ton of people out there whose technical skills outweigh their artistic skills, and this is where creativity becomes a problem.

    P.S. Also computer technology has gotten to a point to support “daly” rendering. Previously, that wasn’t the case, so dailies were less possible in this format.

  • here are some daylies including the c4d-files for download.
    (…good to see how ist made…):

    i personally like more training-projects with predetermined topic like the
    ‘gsg-five-second-project’…interesting to see others interpretations….and of cause also would like when its additionally shortly described how its technically created in c4d.

  • Hey guys, I love the debate, this has been a topic I personally have had a hard time wrapping my mind around in the past.

    For me, I find I agree with Nick and Chris specifically in that, practicing every day regardless of your artistic field, is the only way to improve and get better. To that end, posting something every day or every week is more of an accountability check to make sure I have taken the time to learn something new or practice a different skill, regardless of it being “liked.” So often we get caught up in our client projects and life in general that learning, pushing, and growing can get placed on the back burner and might not happen after a while.

    I agree there should definitely be a better way to ask and give feedback, and improve as fellow artists in general. There also there needs to be an easy way to post if you are using it for something like an accountability check for yourself and what better way then to say, “I know someone will see this so I have to take the time to make it and make it the best I can, within the time constraints I have.” I think it is a little unfair to judge artists who are posting their work based off of the platform they use, (instagram) or what they try to make as there is usually no way of knowing the intent behind it based strictly off of a single image.

    Perhaps the particular artist is comfortable modeling architecture but wants to venture more into organic or abstract pieces and the floating blob is the first step into that different style. Critique in the interest of helping them, absolutely, but criticize because it has been done before elsewhere doesn’t necessarily help anyone learn or grow which is ultimately the goal isn’t it? To all improve and grow as artists and maybe get to the point where they can make money with that skill?

    Anyways, sorry for the long post guys. I really do enjoy the podcast and different viewpoints. Thanks for all you guys do for the community both beginner and experienced!

  • ++ chris — chad for the 1st part or the debate.
    The more good things / mistake you make the more you are struggling with the software! …and then understand c4d Matrix
    Be careful gsg, too Many chiefs…not enough indian people
    However thanks for growing me during all of the past 7 years

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