Half Rez Recap, Board Games, And Scary Blank Pages

September 19, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, we talk about Half Rez 2016, what we learned from the event, lucid dreaming, board games, and what to do when staring at a blank page when you need to design something.

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Show Notes
Half Rez
Macro Room
Andrew Kramer From Video Copilot
Settlers of Catan
Archipelago Review
Run kick shout

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  • Know what board game I am addicted to lately? CONCEPT. It’s a charades like game where you have to get the other players to guess your Phrase/Object/Thing, but you can only convey it using basic descriptors on the board.

    It’s amazingly fun and hilarious to see how your friends minds work. I do recommend. Fairly cheap as well.

    Thanks for another great podcast, you guys keep me inspired to learn more about 3D.

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