How We Got Started In Motion Design

September 12, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, we talk about what initially got us in to this crazy 3D world to begin with. We also discuss what’s coming up at Half Rez 2016.

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Half Rez 5
Cinema Smash
Toon Talk Weekly
After Effects Recipe
Barry Young
MK12 Man Of Action
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  • Loved hearing the stories on how you all started. Chad mentioned seeing Nick’s reel super early on right out of college. 2 years ago at AE world, Andrew Kramer showed his very first reel and it was great because it was super humbling for him, it made him seem human, and seeing it gave all us artists in the room a feeling of relief, like even he had to start from somewhere. I’d love to be able to see some of the first reels from early on in your careers.

  • Hi, ok, I’m stuck and need some help. I have a scene setup with expresso so I could have better control of several objects that I explode together but bring them back together with different timing. To enable the controls with expresso I had bake the animation on the objects. Now that I have the animation where I want it. I’m trying to use shader effectors. After a lot of turning things on and off I found out that shader effectors specifically plain effector does not work on object with a bake tag. Is there any way to force the shader effectors to work.

  • Another great discussion! Just curious if you guys are planning on recording any of the Half Rez presentations for people who can’t make it? I always learn a ton from NAB and SIGGRAPH and it would be great to see more!

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