Improving Your Client Skills. GSG Podcast Ep 97

March 6, 2018 - By 

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In this Podcast, the group shares their own stories and secrets that have helped them communicate with clients over the years.

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  • Great podcast as always. Such a treat to be able to hear about your experiences before having to go through them myself. A question for you to possibly tackle next week would be writers/designers block and overcoming it. And sort of a follow up to that would be how to be like your favorite artists without just copying them or their styles. Getting inspiration, visual cues, etc.

  • A lot of times, when i’m not directly involved in client conversations, I often get just a laundry list of “things to try”. Ohhhh it’s not feeling quite right, let’s try doing this… and then on the 20th revision and going in circles maybe we get it right. It’s the worst. When can get in on the conversations with the client I can usually probe them to get to the actual problem. I find this is usually due to the producer just trying to appease the client and pass on their notes. But it’s about the biggest time/money waster and headache creator for me as an artist. When you guys talked about asking client questions, this is what the producer needs to be doing to figure out what the problem is at the heart and letting the artist solve that problem rather than the client giving a laundry list of “things to try”. BUT the problem is that these producers never know the questions to ask, because they are just the salesman and not the creative. I never know how to solve this issue and it often depends on your role with a studio whether freelance, long term contract, full-time, etc. I’m assuming the creative director should be taking on that role, but a lot of times they are so busy/wrapped up in a bunch of different projects that they bypass this role and it falls to the producer. How do you guys solve this? Do you try to get in on the meetings? Do you ask the producer the question to then ask the client? Do you try to get a discussion directly with the client?

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