Interview With Chad Ashley From Digital Kitchen

January 11, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, I talk to Creative Director, Chad Ashley from Digital Kitchen about his career and how he got started as a CG artist. Chad talks about why he recently switched from 3DS Max to Cinema 4D. We talk a bit about our history together including when we worked together at Digital Kitchen.

We talk about how much he inspired me to look at lighting completely differently in C4D. We are really excited to have such a great artist like Chad join us as a contributor to Greyscalegorilla. Look for tutorials, daily renders, and other posts from him on the site in the near future.

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Digital Kitchen
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Chad Ashley’s Portfolio

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  • Cool interview! Great to see someone talented switching from Max to C4D. Hoping to see more tutorials from you Chad.

    Maybe one to convince/show other Max users to switch? 😀

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