NAB Interview Series: Episode 1 – Aharon Rabinowitz

April 21, 2011 - By 

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While at NAB this year, I decided to interview some of my favorite people in the motion design industry and ask them a few questions. Up first is Aharon Rabinowitz. Aharon has been in the Motion Design scene for many many years and is now working for Red Giant Software. Join us as we talk about Talent, Sesame Street, Making Stuff and Bob Ross.

Show Notes
You’re Not That Talented, and Other Advice
Bob Ross
Red Giant
All Bets Are Off

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  • Nick,

    First link is broken, the line break needs to be removed.


  • Wooow… super inspiring

  • Nice inspiring, As for the topic: know what you want to do; I constantly find new and amazing things in the field of motion graphics, kind of like a puppy with to much toys, so I kind of find it hard to say/know what I want to do, because I want to do everything! What kind of job should I apply for? I really don’t want to be a chain in a pipeline.

    • I would lean toward working for a small shop where you need to wear many hats.

    • Yeah thanks, thats kind of what I’m going for. I’m trying to find a job in london somewhere, as a generalist, Atm.
      But shouldn’t you still go into everything no matter who you are and what you want? I mean if the most important thing is to find out what you wanna do, then you have to try all sorts of things to clarify what is interesting for you, and what’s not. I always want to go into cinematography, because camera movement, along composition in C4d tend to be troublesome for me.
      I think that it’s a good idea to pick of all sort of relevant skills, from everywhere, and transfer them accordantly.

  • thank you, very inspiring stuff 🙂

  • Smart guy, I could have listened for a few more hours lol.

  • Great interview Nick.

    I always enjoy hearing what Aharon has to say and recently working with him and Seth, as he mentioned, was a pleasure.

    Looking forward to the next interviews!


  • Wow I am blown away! I love you both! Listening to this interview puts my life in a Nut shell. I have had a hard time choosing what to do and where to make that happen? I have learned a lot from that and I now think I have a better idea of how to put that forward.
    My focus has sucked! That has been a big problem in my success. I am a freelancer trying to make it
    In hard times.
    Look forward to seeing better Shit from me!
    I have been all over the place. I am glad that some one out there understands the madness of the ad world and posts it. You Guys Rock and thanks for the inspiration!


  • Brilliant. Really looking forward to the next one.

  • Ahron is the entire reason I know what I know in AE. he was doing tutorials and teaching things before the massive video co-pilot boom. I owe that man a whole heap

  • Hi, this is not the best place to post this Q but I am going to so pls forgive me.
    I use 3Ds max and I really like your HDRI studio pack, it says ’54 HDRI images’ , So I was wondering if I will be able to use them inside max (since they are in HDR format, right?)
    Asking cos it states c4d as a requirement, will appreciate you reply


  • Like the podcast idea.

    How about a downloadable mp3?

  • Thanks Nick. Always love hearing from Aharon. His voice will forever mean “AE tutorial” to me (well him and Brian Maffit) – that’s a compliment Aharon!

    Looking forward to the rest!

  • Nick Campbell SOUP!

  • Great listening thanks to “jungle jive” from the gorilla…..

  • It feels comforting to hear how you guys navigate this world.
    Looking forward to the next interviews!
    Thx for making/sharing it.

    Keep on Truck’n! — Johannes

  • Nick .. this is really great interview
    I love it 🙂

  • Hey Nick

    Not sure if it was my article you mentioned about “You already have what you need to start”, but if it was – here it is:

    Great interview – looking forward to more from you and your buddies at NAB.


  • Just finished listening to all of the podcast interviews (in reverse order) and they were all fantastic and insightful. Being a visual person, part of me misses the video aspect but at the same time it allowed me to work and get stuff done as I listened to the interviews.

    I love Aharon’s idea of gauging peoples answer to the question “What do you want to do?” to get an idea of their passion for their craft.

    These interviews were dope. I highly respect the work of all the interviewees. Even though I’ve heard them interviewed before, I could listen to 100 more interviews from each of them and not loose interest. There’s something inspiring about hearing people speak about what they love doing.

    Well done. Keep em’ coming!

  • Some good stuff! Really interesting interview, really with I could’ve gone to NAB.

  • Very inspiring! The statement that stuck with me about hiring people who have a passion for what they do/ interested in. My question is as an employer, what are your thoughts on hiring people who have just that; passion without the why and how about what they like and be hired for?

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