NAB Interview Series: Episode 3 – Mike “The Monkey” Senften

May 9, 2011 - By 

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While at NAB this year, I decided to interview some of my favorite people in the motion design industry and ask them a few questions. In this third episode, I talk to Mike “The Monkey” Senften. Mike is an incredible Motion Design Freelancer in New York. He is an active and helpful member on And, of course, when we are lucky, he stops by Greyscalegorilla to do another Cinema 4D tutorial. In this interview, we talk about how he got in to 3D, data visualization, and why patience is one of the best ways to become a great artist.

Show Notes
Mike’s New 2011 Reel

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  • thats wonderful!! thanks nick and mike for this podcast

  • cool interview. I love to hear the stories of you guys. thanks a lot!

  • Where are the links to see the last things of Mike ? Especially, I’m interested about data visualisation… If you can give us something about it, it would be so great…

  • DOPE! I will safe this madness for later! This HAS to be AWESOME!
    Hows your feelin about this podcast madness anyways?

  • On the subject of the disconnect between C4D talent and the demand for that talent – I set up the site:

    earlier this year, for C4D-based freelancers who are looking to expand their client-list (and producers looking for freelancers). Join in – it works!

  • his reel is pretty awesome, I would love to see more tutorials from the monkey!!

  • i love the monkey and love the gorilla

  • Nice reel!
    Tried to figure out how the instyle “red carpet” logo reveal is done, but can’t find a proper solution… A Bend deformer on a copied cap from the type doesn’t work for me…
    Maybe a little tip nick?

    • starts at second 51

    • I’ve done something very similar :8
      The bend deformer works well on Straight Shapes…use “Within Box” setting, 10000 Strength. Then just keyframe, the deformers position. The trick for complex shapes is using multiple deformers.

      You’ll have to tweak Copied Cap to achieve uniform poly distribution, use Quadrangles subdivision with regular grid.
      It is gonna be difficult getting the effect on totaly curved shapes.

      My advise would be use the camera movement to only show when the straight shapes are getting revealed.

      • hey Andrei, thanks for the reply,
        but it i would love to figure out how to do the curved ones,
        they are the ones that make this animation so cool

        • Yea… the curvy stuff is the tricky stuff. You’ll also notice that the S carpet is different thicknesses as well. It was all done with a Joint Chains using Xpresso to drive temporal offsets. I’ve considered using it as an example for a 3rd tutorial on Joint Chains, but haven’t found the time to record it. 🙁

          • I thought it would be tricky
            Would be nice to see you explain this in your next tut!
            Just grab a glass of good whiskey 😉

  • Great stuff guys, two people who I greatly admire chatting away like that is a real treat. Thank you

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