Node Based Compositing, 3D in After Effects, and More Hardware Talk

November 14, 2016 - By 

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Show Notes
New After Effects Announcements
Project Felix
AMD Fire Renderer
Where Chris Got His Machine
GSG Hardware Page coming soon…

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  • you like this video… the difference between CPU and GPU:

  • C4D to fusion compositing tutorial, would help a lot

  • Hi Chris,

    Super interested in learning more about your Razer Blade Pro laptop!
    I’m one of those “currently on mac, but will probably make the switch to PC” people, and i’ve been researching like crazy. I still need the portability of a laptop, but as much juice as possible.

    Did you get the latest greatest with the GTX 1080?
    Also, do you have any thoughts on the Core eGPU?

    Super interested to find out it’s performance for C4D!

  • You guys touched more on this in the last podcast. But a great company that makes custom built PCs that cater specifically to visualization markets is Boxx Tech –

    • I had a Boxx a very long time ago. It was ok, but the industrial design of it was not great. Very under-whelming. Thanks for the comment!

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