Productivity Apps, Half Rez, HDRI Link, And More

September 6, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, Chris, Chad and Nick sit down to talk about our favorite Productivity Tools and what’s new at Greyscalegorilla.

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Show Notes
Draw Splines for Fracture Video
Google Inbox
Rescue Time
Half Rez 2016
GSG HDRI Link – Coming Soon!
GSG Youtube Page
Vitaly Bulgarov
The Collective Podcast
Phantom 4

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  • Enjoyed listening to this guys! Talking about using an iPad for application shortcuts there is a rumour that Apple are working on a keyboard for the Macbook / iMac that includes a strip to replace the F keys which can be customisable based on the application you are using.

    Looking forward to your next podcast and your choice of YouTube recommendations.

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