Redshift, VR, Teams vs Freelance, And Why Everyone Loves Musicals

October 17, 2016 - By 

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In this episode, we talk about Redshift, we talk a bit about VR technology, we discuss working in a team vs working for yourself, and we discover why musicals make nick cry.

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Ivan Mathy
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Jurassic Park Article
Getting Started with Arnold
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  • Great Podcast! And thanks to my wife, I am also a fan of musicals 😉

  • I’ve been getting heavily into VR recently. I agree with Chad that the phones will be the main method of consumption. Love Nick’s ideas about the social aspects! Chris, there are some pretty amazing apps and videos out there. Remember the ViewMaster? They are now into the VR market with some free apps and their own headset.?

  • In reference to the Mars trip discussion…it would take about 2.5 years for the entire trip because once you arrive on Mars you would have to stay for at least 18-20 months for orbital alignment to take place so that you could safely return in 6 months.

    Just sayin…

  • What I am more excited about in terms of VR is not as much the entertainment part of it but being able to “work” in it. Unreal is working on VR interfaces for designers… Imagine working on C4D in VR?

    • To clarify – the VR editing interface shown in this video *is* currently implemented. Yes, it works exactly like you would hope. However, there are always going to be UX issues when the user no longer has access to a wide array of functions that are available from a keyboard. Additionally, the resolution (as tremendous as it is in an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift) will always hinder the usefulness of VR interfaces.

      I believe that 3D content creation is on its way for VR, but we have a long way to go for it to rival C4D’s non-VR interface. Check out Tilt Brush or SculptrVR’s updates and changes to see where it is at.

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