The Impactful Building Blocks of Motion Design. GSG Podcast Ep 98

March 13, 2018 - By 

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In this Podcast, the crew discusses important skills they’ve consciously or subconsciously picked up along the way that made them more valuable motion designers.

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Sunday NAB party
Reboot with Chris Schmidt
Zach the Lego Maniac
Advertising Book

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  • I love this topic for the podcast. Of course, being technically astute is something that is needed in the 3D world, but all the life experiences you talk about are what makes everything work.

    Something completely unrelated to 3D, or mostly at least. When you mention that you would not have survived in a world without contact lenses because you have poor eyesight, consider this. (I know you were joking, but hear me out…) What if you grew up in a world where you were very rarely indoors, and never saw a screen. Your eyes would be focusing on things very far in the distance, constantly. The way many of us grew up and currently live, we very rarely see the horizon (especially if we live in a city), unless we see it on our televisions or phones. We are constantly focusing on things 5’–15′ away, and rarely 200 yards away. Imagine the impact that might have on how your eyes developed while you were growing up. Our environment dictates our health as much or more than our genes. I would bet that your eyes would have been just fine. Of course there are many other environmental factors that would not have been in your favor, like infectious disease, but that’s another story.

    Anyway, kudos on the great podcast.

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