X-Particles, Arnold, And More OSX/Windows Talk with Trevor Kerr

November 21, 2016 - By 

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Show Notes
Trevor Kerr’s Reel
Star Wars Short By Trevor
X-Particles Sale $100 Off (details coming soon)
GSG Sale 40% OFF (details coming soon)
Kerr Motion Design / talks
Paul Babb for President!
Microsoft OneNote
Soundbreaking on PBS
Elite Mouse
Naga Mouse
QUESTION: What would you miss the most if you left OSX?

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  • I’m having the same dilemma. Should I make the jump to Windows, or stick with OSX and hope that Apple doesn’t further abandon the pro market? It’s tough, but the thing I’d miss most about the switch is the OS itself. I know all the shortcuts, the action is so fluid and I when I boot up my machine, I feel like I’m in a comfortable, creative space. I think that’s really important to be successful in a creative field.

  • Great Podcast with an awesome special guest!

    my take on OSX to Windows:
    I used to have an iMac (and a couple of other macs before it) and I loved it.
    When I decided to become self employed I was in the market for a workstation and naturally looked at the mac pro. I really wanted one. This was about a year ago and as you all know the trash can stayed the same since it’s launch in late 2013. There was absolutely no way to justify that purchase. I even would have needed to go all the way up spec wise because the whole reason I had to move away from the iMac was I wanted to get deep into Houdinis Sim tools, Arnold and possibly GPU rendering as well.
    The iMac didn’t cut it and as it quickly turned out the nMP would neither mainly because of it’s price-performance but it also lacked the dual CPU and Nvidia graphics option.
    I went on ebay and bought a used HP Z 620 with two of the same 8 core Xeons that are in the trash can, a ssd as main drive, 96BG of Ram, a GTX 970 (planning to upgrade that next) and a ton of storage.
    That beast, allthough a couple of years ols as well, cost me 1.800€ (about 1.900$) which is a significant drop from over 10K for the Mac Pro.
    I’ve used Windows before so it wasn’t the “I don’t know anything about using that system” that made me uneasy. It was all the little things Nick describes.
    Things like quick look, the ease of looking at pdfs, the menu bar with all the nice and easy add ons like iStat, spotlight (which I used for so many things), the dock, how easy it was to “install” an application, having organized settings that (mostly) made sense, having all my contacts synced to all my devices (I dislike google, therefore I havent found an easy solution for that since), iMessage, having a calendar that’s synced (still a problem), having a native mail app (I know it’s not the best mail app, but it worked and was tightly integrated, which on windows there ain’t one), preview (this was one of the most annoying things at the beginning. I use win 10 and they decided to hide or delete the lightweight Windows Photo Viewer in favor of the nagging photos app and one has to hack the registry to get it back which I did), Finder (oh god do I miss finder…), and so on…
    I was furious at Chad for his “they don’t care, move on” announcment. Mainly because I’m afraid that he might be right. Almost every decision Apple made in the last years points in that direction.
    For now I am stuck with Windows. Which isn’t that bad. I just have the feeling it will take me a very long time not to feel sad I had to leave. It’s strange because it’s just an operating system and hardware and there are far more important things in life. But Apple being Apple did a very good job getting emotions on board as well. That’s the reason why I think people like me, Nick and a lot of others feel sad about having to move on. Even a little bit afraid. And, since the “mac” event in october, betrayed.
    I haven’t given up (hope) yet. If Apple decides to release a new Mac Pro, one that makes sense for my workflow I am back on board faster than they probably can ship the damn thing. But if they don’t show me/us anything pro in the next 6 months I am done hoping.

  • Anyone know what the coding training is called that Trevor mentioned? Would love to find that out. Thanks!

  • I have the same Wacom issue as Chad, I’ve tried several times to convert completely to them but can’t do it. I’d recommend the Logitech Performance MX – the most comfortable mouse I’ve used. The newer MX Master doesn’t fit my hand nearly as well (you definitely want to find one that fits well and everything else is secondary imho).

    When converting to PC, how do you get around ProRes? Almost every project I work on requires it as a final deliverable. It also offers great playback, decent file size and is good quality. I know there are PC hacks for ProRes, but that seems like it could be problematic.

    Not having the Mac finder where you can instantly and seamlessly preview almost anything would be really painful to give up. Similar 3rd party PC options back in the Windows XP days were not even close to the same thing; I don’t know if there’s a comparable option now.

    I may build a PC just for 3D and use a Mac for everything else; the GPU limits are becoming increasingly frustrating with all the great 3rd party GPU renderers coming out these days. I did this once before when the PC/Mac performance gap was pretty big but immediately went back to all Mac when it was possible, largely so I’d only have to troubleshoot one OS (networking, permissions, paths, fonts, etc.) windows updates driving me insane, and all the other little things that were nagging me; this was using Windows XP and hopefully things have improved.

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