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Creating Thick Stylized Fur On A Model

May 5, 2015 - By 

In this AskGSG, Geoff Greenwood asked about these gorgeous illustrations of various animals. At first I thought they must have been drawn in Illustrator but then found that they were in 3D. Not to pass up a challenge, we dive right into creating a fast and dirty 3d model of a gorilla face and begin to explore ways for drawing splines to give us control of the flow of the fur.

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This video was recorded during a live episode of AskGSG. Visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule and see how you can get recordings of our live show and Scene Files from this video.


Choosing The Correct Focal Length For Cinema 4D Cameras

June 26, 2014 - By 

Many 3D artists never bother changing the default focal length of their camera. However, choosing the right “lens” makes a huge difference when setting up the composition and feeling of your scene. There is a rich language of film and photography that you can use to make your renders look and feel the way you want them to.

Learning even a bit about traditional photography or composition can do wonders for your final renders. Below are a few rules to get you started in the right direction when picking the right focal length for your scene.

Wide Angle Lenses (15-35mm) Make Things Look…

  • Large
  • Impressive
  • Powerful
  • Looming
  • Overwhelming

Telephoto Lenses 85-300mm) Make Things Look…

  • Small
  • Fun
  • Cute
  • Far Away
  • Weak
  • Attractive

You should combine these rules with the angle of the camera. As a general rule, if you want the hero of your scene to appear large, try looking UP at it. The opposite is the same. Looking down on objects make them look small and cute. Or, lonely and sad.

Image by Alireza Mirhadi

In this video, I will go over a few ways to decide what focal length to use in your renders.

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21 C4D Tutorials And Presentations at NAB 2014 Rewind

April 23, 2014 - By 

All of the Tutorials and Presentations are up and ready to watch from NAB 2014. Head on over to Cineversity and start watching some of the great presenters who showed off their tips and techniques inside of Cinema 4D. Thanks again to Maxon for recording and posting all these great videos!

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Cinema 4D Quick Tip 5 – Make A Custom Viewport For Rendering

March 25, 2014 - By 

In this C4D Quick Tip, I will show you how to set up a custom viewport in your C4D interface that is only for rendering the current view. I use this viewport to easily light scenes and to quickly see the effect my lighting has by using the Interactive Render Region.

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Cinema 4D Quick Tip 4 – Change Your FPS The Right Way

February 21, 2014 - By 

In this Quick Tip, I will show you how to change your Frames Per Second settings in Cinema 4D. It’s a bit more tricky than just ONE place to change it. There is the PROJECT FPS setting and the OUTPUT FPS setting and both of these do slightly different things. Watch the video above to learn more about how to set up your FPS correctly for your project.

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