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The 4 Most Important Parts of Soft Bodies

February 7, 2017 - By 

Learn the most important settings in soft body dynamics so you can quickly and intuitively create whatever consistency you want on your objects in this Cinema 4D Tutorial.

Structural? Shear? Flexion? How do these settings actually translate to the artists so they can tune up their model to that perfect level of squishy, bouncy, melty, or prone to crumple? Let’s find out in this video.

What will I Learn?

In this video we’ll tackle the key settings in soft bodies, primarily structural, shear, flexion, and damping. By the end you should know the right ingredients to create any kind of soft body substance you can think of!

Where can I learn more about soft bodies?

I did a extended video for Cinversity about soft bodies a little ways back. Check it out here!


Create Melting Objects in Cinema 4D

July 19, 2016 - By 

After many requests it was time to jump in and show you all how I created my “Asymmetric Melt Series”. We are again going to dive into Cinema 4D’s awesome Sculpting tools to make our objects drip and melt!

In this Tutorial you will:

  1. Use modeling tools to prep your object

  2. Jump into Cinema 4D’s sculpting tools to refine your drips and add detail

  3.  Set up some materials and lighting in Octane

Below are select frames we will be able to create from the tutorial:

Preparation For Excellence: “Mustard” Day 202/365 #everyday

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Preparation For Excellence: “Euclidean” Day 210/365 #everyday

A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on

Preparation For Excellence: “Blood” Day 187/365 #everyday

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Animate Using X-Particles 3.5 And The Sound Modifier

December 1, 2015 - By 

In this tutorial, I will show you how to control your particles using the new Sound Modifier in X-Particles 3.5. Follow along as we play with this new modifier and see what fun stuff we can make with it.



Setting Groups And Controlling Multiple Emitters With X-Particles

November 30, 2015 - By 

In this X-Particles tutorial, I will show you how to set up multiple emitters with X-Particles and show you how to be able to control them separately using groups and Modifiers.



Mike The Monkey HalfRez 2015: Deconstructing Sound

October 30, 2015 - By 

Mike Senften joined us at HalfRez this year to blow everybody’s mind once again. Animators, musicians, engineers, doctors, stock traders and countless other professions rely on waveforms to describe the behavior of data over time. In this presentation Mike shares a visual approach to understanding the construction and deconstruction of waveforms. It’s a short and sweet introduction to basic trigonometry as well as Fourier Synthesis and Fourier Analysis (which were first developed over 200 years ago by French mathematician Joseph Fourier). It requires little to no prior experience in mathematics, but a passion for nerdery and a glass of bourbon are always helpful.

Deconstructing Sound

What is HalfRez? Check it out.


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